At first, she may seem like she is more than you can handle: she is strong in her convictions, and she is the ruler of her own world. From far away, she is almost like a Rubix cube, with many levels and facets that seem impossible to understand, however, if you are willing to try, and can get up to her speed, you will be glad you did.

So why is the alpha woman so great in a relationship?

1. She is blatantly honest.

In a world full of silicone and little white lies, the alpha woman stands out like a sore thumb. Her honesty is so fierce and raw, if you aren’t prepared for it, she may just tear you apart. But strong men who can stay on her level, and reciprocate the truth she provides, she will stay loyally by his side until the end.

2. She stands on her own.

She doesn’t need anyone or anything to make herself content. She can do whatever is necessary to get through life, and not only does she make it through- she always comes out on top.

3. She isn’t insecure.

She knows who she is, and she understands her worth. She isn’t wasting any time being petty or jealous. However, she is territorial, and she will not put up with silly drama.

4. There is no telling what she will do next. (But in a fun way.)

Her heart feeds on adrenaline and finding the next adventure. She is always down to do something new, and she needs someone who can match her spontaneity.

5. If you let her, she will help you evolve.

Some relationships hold us back, but relationships with an alpha who knows what they want and are focused on success and evolution will make us grow if we are ready. An alpha woman knows what she wants from life, and her goal setting game is on point. Nothing is stopping her, so either evolve with her or get out of the way.

6. She doesn’t hesitate to face life head-on.

Instead of letting bad circumstances get the best of her, she has a plan. And she follows through with her plans. If she seems to be struggling, she needs you to step up and show her you can too.

7. She’s not afraid to be the first one to make a move.

She isn’t shy, and she is particular about the things she desires. If you are contemplating a date with an alpha, you best bring your A-game.

8. She doesn’t take life for granted.

While she is a hard worker, with the drive of a true queen- she also knows when it is time to bask in her success. She will ensure that you never get bored, and she will also make sure that the two of you enjoy the life you make.

9. While she may want you, she doesn’t NEED you.

Don’t expect her to chase you, or to put up with any type of toxic vibes you put out. If she wants you, you will know. But, if she realizes that your relationship is bringing her down, she will kick you to the curb so fast, you won’t even have the chance to explain.

10. Her loyalty is unbeatable.

When she decides to do something, she doesn’t half-ass it. If she chooses to be with you, she will put her all into your relationship. And while some people may dip out to see the supposed greener grass on the other side, she will stick by you, if you stick by her.

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