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While you might normally walk all over your partners, you’re not going to be doing that with an Alpha Woman. Sure, she might seem sweet but if you cross her the wrong way, things will never be the same. 

Alpha Women are some of the strongest and most powerful women on this planet because unlike others they have found their worth and know how to own it. Not only are they extremely capable all on their own, but they are also great at leading others properly. Because these women have matured quite early in their lives and really gotten a chance to learn what others are about, they don’t put up with things that do not help them grow properly. 

When it comes to dating, relationships, or love you can’t make an Alpha Woman settle. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want as well as what she will put up with and what she won’t. If you’re dating an Alpha Woman chances are the following don’t and never will have a place in your relationship.

9 Things Alpha Women Will Not Put Up With When It Comes To Love:

 1. They will not be ignored.

You cannot ignore an Alpha Woman. She will not allow it. The less attention you give her the less time she will spend trying to make you give her attention. She will cut ties and find the attention she wants elsewhere.

2. They will not support someone who refuses to support them.

Alpha Women are not going to push themselves to support people who refuse to support them. If you don’t care about what they’re doing they won’t care about what you’re doing. This in itself might be a bit odd to some but to those who have this kind of dynamic, you know what I mean.

3. They cannot stand people who try to change them.

These kinds of women cannot stand when people try to turn them into someone they are not. They are not going to change who they are for someone else, period. Either you’re with them or not.

4. They don’t settle for excuses, try it and they will jump ship.

Alpha Women are not the kind of people who settle for excuses. If you are making excuse after excuse when speaking to them, they will stop wasting their time. They know when something is up and they can smell your bullshit from a mile away.

5. They are not going to put up with emotional or verbal abuse. 

These kinds of women are not going to let other people abuse them in any sense of the word. You won’t be getting physical, trying to manipulate them, or calling them names. They know how they want to be treated and will accept no less.

6. They won’t stick around if you can’t communicate properly.

If you cannot communicate with the Alpha Woman properly she will move on. She knows she needs someone who is willing to sit down and talk things out when issues come up. You have to be willing to put an effort into things.

7. They know we are all equal and won’t let others pretend to be above those around them.

Alpha Women do not put up with other people pretending to be better than everyone else. We are all human and we bleed the same. No one is better than anyone else, point-blank.

8. They will never tolerate a cheater.

Women like this do not forgive someone who cheats on them. Once a cheater always a cheater and well, you can’t recover from that. If you cheat, she isn’t going to give being with you a second thought.

9. They are not going to let you pick and choose their friends or who they spend time with.

These kinds of women cannot be isolated. They do not change who they are or the people who matter just because someone new comes into their lives. Either you learn to love their friends or you are kicked to the curb.