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There are lots of different kinds of females in this world, but three major kinds are ‘alpha females,’ ‘beta females’, and ‘omega females.’ Some people might seem like two of these at the same time but overall a lot of females fall into one category overall. 

If you want to know which of the three fits you, learning more about them is easily your best route. That having been said, none of them are better than the others. Some of them might sound more desirable, but they’re all for the most part important and hold their own weight. 

Below I am going to break down what each one of these are so that you can figure out which ones sound the most like you. However, don’t go based on just your thoughts also ask people who are close to you and know you well which of the three they feel fit you most properly. From there you can decide where you stand.

Alpha Females 

Alpha females are powerful women who are extremely success driven. They don’t take crap from anyone and are often leaders in all possible ways. They are usually quite intimidating, and a lot of people see them as ‘rude’ for those reasons. However, they are very enjoyable to be around once you get to know them. 

These females are the kind who will go to great measures to win in all situations. They don’t like losing and are quite jealous when they see others succeeding or doing better than them. When things don’t seem to go as planned they become quite the pain.

Beta Females 

Beta females are powerful in their own ways, but they don’t tend to opt for the forefront. They choose their battles wisely and are more on the sidelines than the alpha. In many ways, they settle, and while that can be a bad thing it can also be a good thing. These females a lot of the time end up quite bored and while mouthy and dominant they are also a bit standoffish. 

While these females are dominant as noted above they are not as intense as the alpha and tend to follow behind the alpha. They do take their own paths, but they also really hold their own when it comes to where it counts. Sure. This might sound a bit redundant, but it’s important in how the world works.

Omega Females 

Omega females are often quite misunderstood. They are in a lot of ways the peacekeepers because they hold the weight of the load on their shoulders without much complaint. If they do not hold themselves high they will be walked all over and this they know well. Unlike others, these females are often quick to retreat because they know that sometimes the hassles things hold are not worth the effort they have to put into them. All of that aside, they are very caring and will go great lengths for those they love.

Females of this type are always putting others’ needs before their own, and they are quite nervous overall. They do not know how to get everything done that they feel they need to do, but they try their hardest. When one door closes these females always know another opens.