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We have all dealt with heartbreak at some point in our lives, regardless of the zodiac sign, some people have even dealt with it on multiple occasions. When things like this happen, we need to learn from our mistakes, these things are just as much our fault as they are the other person.


There’s always room for improvement, both for us and our partners. For those interested in delving deeper into understanding the complexities of relationships and the influence of zodiac signs, The Comprehensive Guide to Zodiac Relationships can offer insightful perspectives.

If you have been the victim of a heartbreak and would like to know why this keeps happening to you, find your zodiac sign below:


You come off as independent, even through your kindness. This can and will drive someone away from you. You are too distant in your relationships.

To find a middle ground, To find a middle ground, Relationship Balancing for the Modern Aries is a great read to help you form closer bonds.


You are so stubborn that you drive people insane. You get mad and stay mad for such a long time. Your partner may end up walking on eggshells without you even noticing.


You have a hard time committing to anything and when you do, it has to be done the way you want it to. You often annoy your partners because of this, and they get angry because sometimes things just cannot go your way, and you need to accept that.


You are too clingy. When you are in a relationship, you almost always smother the other person. They need their space, take a step back.


You always have to be right, even when you’re wrong. When it comes to arguing, there is no point because you will always keep going until the other person gives in. This is a big issue.


You are overly jealous when it comes to your partner. You need to trust people more and stop overthinking everything. This is your biggest fault.


You are too hopeful when it comes to changing your partner. This puts them in a bad mood, no one likes change, and you should not push it on others.


You need to learn how to control your emotions, you get jealous easily and tend to be overly clingy.

Enhance emotional intelligence with the book, Scorpio’s Guide to Emotional Stability.


You are fun at first, but then you become tiring. Your expectations of others are set far too high, you always make others feel like they are letting you down, even when they are doing their best.


You have trouble trusting people and don’t open up easily. This makes others feel very distant when it comes to a relationship, and people would rather just be friends.


You are fun to be around, but when it comes to spending time alone with your partner you often try to avoid it. You would prefer spending time in a group setting and this makes the person you are will feel a bit overwhelmed and starved for attention.


You have a hard time getting over your exes. Your new relationships always end up getting messed up because you are caught up in the past. You need to move on completely and stop lollygagging.