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Astrology is not just something you can use to find out things about your future but also something that can help make your present known as well. While not many people take the time to really break things down, the more you dive into this world the more you will find.

We all have natal charts that when looked into can help us figure out why we do the things we do and how we react to different situations. For each celestial body, we have a sign that rules over different areas of our lives and the more we learn about these different signs the more in tune with our higher selves we can become. While a lot of people do not ever venture past the information provided for them by their sun sign, astrology holds a lot more than just that for each of us.

For instance, your Mars sign reveals your aspirations and where your motivation comes from while your Saturn sign shows us where your boundaries lie. Even the north and south nodes can reveal a lot to us. For example; one holds the path of future growth and the other our past, karmic situations, and potential moving forth. You can’t just ignore these things and somehow expect to be able to truly understand yourself.

You see, when you apply these different things to yourself and your life as a whole you begin to get the bigger picture on a new level. To make things a bit easier to understand, I am a Gemini sun but a Virgo moon. This reveals why I am much more indecisive than the average Gemini and why I tend to stay on the modest side of things as I move through life.

If you want to learn about your natal chart you can generate one by clicking here. All you need to get yours going is your birth date, time, and the location in which you were born (city/state). From there the internet can really help you figure out what each different sign means and can reveal about your life and you in the present moment.

To learn more about the importance of looking to your natal chart please check out the video below. While it might not seem like much to everyone to those who are soul-searching it will mean the world. You can become more aware if you choose to do-so.


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