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When envisioning witches and conjuring, what do you see? For many people, they may see a green woman, covered in warts, standing over a cauldron, while throwing weird animal parts and herbs into their pot. However, the reality of witchcraft is much different.

The term manifestation gets thrown around a lot lately, and for good reason, if you know what you are doing it works. Put simply, manifestation is shifting your mindset to a more goal-oriented state, and placing all of your energy into making your dreams a reality.

Some spiritualists refer to this as the law of attraction, and others simply say manifestation. Whatever it is that you want to call it, it’s much simpler than you may know. Here are the tricks witches use to conjure manifestation in their everyday lives.

1. They live intentionally.

Witches work by intentions, and to do this, they take time to clarify their intentions daily. For example, if they are looking for their dream job, they may set their intention as, “I intend to find a job that works with my schedule that allows me to pursue my writing career.” This can also be made more simple. On a daily level, you can refer to tasks or things you need as your intentions. “Today, I am going to make ____ amount of money, so I can pay my ______ bill.” Or “Today, I will have enough time to get all of my chores done and to take time to myself.”

Once you set the intentions, it sends the signal to the universe and your brain that you are about to start moving towards these goals. In turn, reaching them is much easier already.

2. They harness a positive mindset.

Another major manifestation tool that witches use is a positive mindset. If you walk around engaging in negative self-talk, it makes it much harder to get things done. When you tell yourself and the universe that you cannot do something, then you are already blocking yourself. When negative thoughts come up, push them back, or reframe them.

3. They work with the cycles of the moon.

Each month, the moon cycles from new to full. Witches use these cycles to begin moving towards their goals. For example, if you wanted to start a new project, the new moon is perfect for that. And if you are ready to push towards reaching culmination on a project you’ve been working hard on, and just need an extra push, the full moon is the right time.

Additionally, you can take into account the astrology signs that are at play during the moon cycles as well for an extra bit of energy.

4. They use intentional boosters (candles, herbs, flowers, colors, etc.)

When witches set an intention, they use correspondences to help set their intentions and manifest them in reality. If you need more money, you would use colors like green or gold. Patchouli is a great her for making money, and cayenne is as well. The energies contained in these correspondences help to give an added push towards goal manifestation.

5. They are grateful.

Gratitude is so important. When you catch yourself feeling negative, try to reprogram yourself towards appreciation. You might say, “Today is such a blessing. I reached my work goals, the house is clean, and I even had time to enjoy a peaceful meal with my family. I am so thankful for this.”

6. They forgive themselves and others for mistakes.

Forgiveness is another manifestation tool that is often overlooked. When we hold onto guilt from our human error and failures, it blocks our ability to manifest. Let go of that guilt and move forward.

7. They practice kindness.

Witches typically live by a creed, most of which involves, “Harm none and do what thou wilt.” This means, live your life however you wish, just don’t hurt other people or creatures. This is another energetic signal that we send to the universe and ourselves, and additionally, it prevents you from wracking up on bad karma.

8. They celebrate their successes.

No matter how little your accomplishments may be, take time to celebrate success. Witches know that each milestone along the way is important. When we celebrate an initial victory, we push ourselves closer to our bigger goals.

9. They take time to embrace nature.

Witches have looked to nature for centuries as a guideline for their lives. This is why they use the cycles of the moon, the seasons, and even the days of the week to help them manifest. Part of this involves taking time to look at and observe nature. Think about what these different cycles mean, and think about where you fit into natural life.

10. They take actionable steps towards their goals.

Manifestation is not all about dreaming about goals or wishing for them, it also involves making steps towards them. For example, if you wanted to manifest a job, you wouldn’t just tell the universe. You would also go out and apply for new jobs. You would make a new resume, do some research and put all of your energy into that goal. In turn, the universe will reward your efforts.