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While it might not seem like it, astrology shows us everything. If you know how to read the stars, you can also read your life laid out like a book in more ways than you could ever imagine.

We all want love and most of us are not very patient when it comes to finding it. That being said, there is a time and place for everything. If you’re feeling down-and-out over not having found your forever person taking your natal chart into consideration might help you big time.

Our fifth house is somewhere we should be paying attention because it is the house of pleasure the more activity we see in it the more likely we are to be nearing something special when it comes to true love. If you’re seeing things like Venus in the fifth house when you’re peeking at your chart you might be well on your way to something that blows your socks off.

That having been said once you’re seeing something in the fifth house you should not forget to look at the seventh house. This house is the one that shows us the nature of our relationships. If we’re with someone who is doing us wrong, we will find out here. Knowing where to look and what the meanings behind what you find hold can be crucial when it comes to finding your forever person.

To begin figuring out when real love might come into your life perhaps looking at what sign cusps your fifth house is in, from there you can figure out what planet rules that sign and what it holds for you. You can click here to generate a chart for yourself based on your birthplace, time, and date. Reading over it is a good place to start.

Regarding the things you might find in your natal chart and how to read them Cafe Astrology wrote as follows noting the power of the seventh house:

The ruler of the seventh house and its position by the house can sometimes show where the native meets their partner, but this only happens in some cases. For example, the ruler of the seventh in the sixth house sometimes indicates that the native meets a significant other at work; in the ninth house, at school or another institution of learning, in a foreign land, or marriage to a foreigner, and so forth. However, the house position of the ruler of the seventh house more often reveals important information about the nature of the partnership, the nature of the partner, and about relationship needs. So, a person with the ruler of the seventh house in the sixth may attract a partnership that is decidedly unequal, as this is the nature of the sixth house. There may be an attraction to a partner who is considered an “underdog”, for example.

The ruler of the seventh house also shows facets of the native’s personality that are strongly played out in relationships. Check the aspects this ruler makes. These are personality dynamics that are most apparent in partnerships.

People with planets in the seventh house are attracted to partnerships, in part, to fulfill the needs associated with that planet. In some cases, that facet of the personality (represented by the energies of the planet in the seventh house) feels underdeveloped in one’s own life, and there is a drive to experience it more fully through relationships. This is why a heavily-posited seventh house often suggests a person who is especially attracted to one-on-one relationships or partnerships.

With personal planets in the seventh house of the natal chart, a person may feel a strong need for a partner to fulfill basic needs in one’s own personality, which can ultimately weaken a partnership if the native doesn’t take on more responsibility for that part of his or her own personality. The Sun in the seventh house suggests a person who negotiates and compromises. Partnership is important to the native, and one’s identity is heavily wrapped up in partnership. The ego comes into play in relationships, and there can be a tendency to focus a little too heavily on keeping scores and trying to balance things out. Most important here is to avoid losing one’s identity in a partnership, because it will wear the person down and resentment of the partner is quite possible. With the Moon in the seventh house, the native experiences a powerful neediness in relationships. The emotional connection to the partnership is strong. The drive to care for, and to be cared for, in a relationship is strong, and a relationship that fails to meet one’s emotional needs will ultimately be unsatisfying. With Mercury in the seventh, the native’s self-expression and ability to communicate comes alive in partnership. This person needs to be heard in order for the relationship to be satisfying. Venus in the seventh house suggests a strong need for harmony and balance in a partnership. The native has a hard time dealing with insensitive or volatile relations and strives for peaceful co-existence with a partner. The native avoids “rocking the boat”, which can ultimately weaken a partnership. With Mars in the seventh house, the native feels alive through partnership and sometimes will depend on a partnership to feed his or her drive and stores of energy. A relationship that is too peaceful or placid may leave the native feeling dissatisfied. He or she is looking for an active partnership and may depend too much on a partner for motivation, disowning his or her own drive. That may be too much responsibility for a partner to bear in the long run.

Those things, in general, could reveal just why you haven’t found your forever person yet and help you to work towards something different. While all of these things can be quite confusing and make you impatient, love is worth the wait. For more clarity on this topic please feel free to check out the video below. Love will head your way when the stars align properly, don’t worry.