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Sometimes people say things they don’t mean and in many ways that can be quite the disaster once all is done, in the end. Just because someone says they love you or that they care doesn’t mean that they actually do.

When it comes to knowing someone’s intentions or at least working to figure them out, you have to be willing to look for the signs. There will be signs that they actually love you whether you’re aware of them right off the bat or not. Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest differences. 

10 Signs The Person Telling You That They Love You Actually Does:

1. You’ve accepted this person’s flaws, and they have accepted yours.

You and this person are able to accept the worst qualities of one another. We are all flawed and this must happen for a proper relationship to flourish. You’re both willing to grow together.

2. You see a future with each other and have even discussed this.

This person has sat down with you and talked about the future the two of you have together. You have things planned out and on your mind. You’re both headed in the same direction.

3. You both consider one another before big decisions.

Each of you thinks about the other and even consult when something big comes up. This because you don’t want to without realizing it hurts the other. That is a huge sign of relationship maturity.

4. You are both giving and taking equally.

You don’t want to hold your partner up, learn to take responsibility within the relationship. Take care of each other equally instead of taking it all onto yourself.

5. You can trust this person entirely.

This person is someone you know you can trust. You don’t have to worry about whether or not they will betray you, because they are willing to stick by your side through the good and the bad.

6. You never have to worry about whether he or she will follow through.

You don’t have to worry about whether or not this person will keep his or her promises. You know they will because they always have. They do their best to get the things done that they say they will.

7. You’re able to communicate with one another properly.

You and this person are able to sit down and talk things out when needed. Instead of getting mad and ignoring one another you discuss things so no stone goes unturned.

8. They’re not beating around the bush.

This person is not taking his or her time defining things. You’ve both defined the relationship and are aware of where you are together. There is no back and forth in regards.

9. They make you feel safe and secure. 

When you and this person are together you feel safer than you would otherwise. They make you feel secure and comfortable. You have a real connection.

10. You’re happy with them in the relationship.

When you’re with this person they brighten your mood. You don’t feel down or under pressure when you’re with them. You love being in their presence.