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This world is full of people and some of those people will be willing to help you even when they’re struggling themselves while others won’t be bothered to lift a finger even though they’re overflowing with abundance. That’s just how this world is and the sooner you realize that the better.

Those people who refuse to lift a finger are not the ones who love you. They are the ones who use you. Instead of caring for you properly and being there for you when you need them, they will only disappoint you time and time again.

Those who see you struggling and still share what little they have are the people who truly love you and want to see you flourish. They might not have a lot to offer but they offer it nonetheless. They through helping you might be cutting their own supplies short but they do it because they care about you more than anyone else.

The people who love you unconditionally and truly are the people who will be there through your ups and downs. They won’t abandon you when times get rough or hide when you need something. They will when able, help you through whatever life is throwing at you.

Love in itself isn’t about forcing someone to make the choices you think are right, it’s giving them the chance to make their own decisions whether they’re right or wrong and believing in that person enough to accept whatever path they choose to go down. Instead of criticizing someone they are more-so their shoulder to cry on whether they agree with the things happening or not. Sure, tough love is needed sometimes but that in itself is much rarer than most realize.

The truth is that people who actually care about you won’t abandon you. They will stick with you through the good and bad points in life. They will help you through the things you’re experiencing and you will in many ways help one another grow. Love isn’t as conditional and frustrating as many people tend to think it is. It in many cases can be quite free-thinking and progressive.

Holding people in our lives to unrealistic expectations does nothing but let us down. Accept the people closest to you for who they are and see them as perfectly imperfect. They see you like that and they are more than glad to have you around. You can’t put your all into the people who are only going to leave in the end, they won’t leave you with anything left if you do.

Show those who have chosen to help you when they too needed help themselves that they matter to you just as much as you matter to them. Treat them with kindness and respect because that’s what they deserve. Don’t take these people for granted, they will be the ones who stick around when the entire world has turned its back on you.

Trust those who go the extra mile for you, not everyone will be capable of such.