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While a lot of people find themselves in uneven and toxic relationships, those are not all that are present in this world. If you are looking hard enough you can find something much more positive.

When you find someone who really cares for you and wants to be in your life for the right reasons, you have found something truly unique. This we call a conscious relationship or connection and it is something to be celebrated. A conscious connection is one with someone who truly accepts you as you are and loves you despite your flaws. This person will care for you through the ups and downs this world throws your way and won’t just abandon you when things get hard.

When you’re in this kind of relationship you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re being deceived because you already know your answers. You are with someone who is positive and able to help you grow into the person you’ve always needed and wanted to be. Don’t get me wrong, you will still have ups and downs even with this person but your ups will be far more amazing and your downs full of all the support you could ever want or need. 

When you’re in a conscious relationship you’re able to love and care for yourself without worrying too much about your partner’s present space. They hold their own just as you hold your own and all is well from there. Instead of facing someone who is too independent or too dependent on you, you have someone who is the perfect level of both. 

You’re able to spend time together and time apart all the while truly appreciating one another. Conscious relationships hold lots of communication and are able to function so well because of how progressive they are. When you’re with someone who loves you on this level you are much more tuned in to one another energetically and that works in your favor immensely.

Being accepted has a seriously positive effect on us and it is not something we should ignore. Through acceptance, we are able to grow so much more than we could ever imagine. Instead of being badgered and torn apart by the person who means the most to you, you’re able to sit down and discuss things that need to be discussed. 

For more information on this kind of relationship please check out the video below. Have you ever faced this kind of connection? I for one think it is something we should all work towards.