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Spiritual intercourse might sound a bit funny as a whole but there is a lot more to it than you’d expect. While making love, in general, is a pretty intimate act, the closer you are with the person you’re engaging with the more spiritual the act itself can and will become.

Now for those who are curious about what spiritual intercourse is, it is a union we make with someone we’re having intercourse with. Rather than focusing on just the physical side of things we are during this act more-so working to please the person’s soul not just their bodies. Spiritual intercourse is something that when done properly really works to connect us back to the life force within us.

You should never feel ashamed for exploring this side of yourself but you should be aware that we take energy from the people we engage in. When we are connecting with someone in this manner we are either taking something positive or negative as a result. Because you’re sharing energies with one another you need to make sure you’re sharing and receiving positive energies as a result of the experience as a whole.

Now when it comes to ‘how’ to have this kind of experience with someone else you need to be sure there is a proper connection present above all else and really tune in to one another on a deeper level before taking the time to perform the act itself. If you and your partner feel like something is missing within your intimate moments then chances are you are not working on pleasing one another in such a way.

On the tantric side of things which is how this kind of union can be worked towards and formed, you should start things off by making sure you’re making eye contact with one another. Focus on your breathing and really put your all into sharing energy with one another in a way that feels pleasurable on a level that you would not usually feel. This kind of intimacy is all about the process and so rather than focusing on climaxing you are focusing on making sure each of you are feeling great and connected throughout the whole act itself.

For more on this please check out the video below. While this might be a bit confusing at first the more you work at it the easier it will become. This kind of intimacy is well worth the process and will leave you and your partner feeling truly completed.