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While it might seem like synchronicity itself isn’t as present in your life as it should be, you can fix that. In order to really align with your true self, you need to work to tune into your true consciousness.

Synchronistic events are basically meaningful coincidences. They come forth in our lives for many reasons and tend to relate back to the law of attraction more often than not. These things are in relation to our true conscious selves making the things we need known and helping us along our paths in this world.

If you really want to use these things to your advantage all you have to do is promote growth and healing within your life. The more you do these things the more clear your challenges will become and more capable you will be of overcoming them. When the Universe sees we are doing good, we will gain good in return. That is a universal truth that you as a human being on this planet needs to work to never forget. 

Below I am going to go over some of the best ways to promote growth and allow things like the law of attraction and synchronistic events to really work wonders in your life. These things might seem silly to some but to those truly interested in furthering their spiritual journey they will speak volumes. Where do you lie regarding all of this?

5 Ways To Promote Growth:

1. Trust yourself completely.

The more you trust yourself the more reign your inner self will have over your life. This allows for great things to happen. While you might not understand what your true consciousness or inner self is trying to achieve, you allow things to flow properly.

2. Let go of the outcomes you expect.

Letting go of the outcomes and expectations you have overall will allow for the Universe to do what it needs to do in your life. Instead of being disappointed that something didn’t go as planned, you are instead proud of the way things turned out. This brings forth a sense of power most people never find.

3. Meditate over the things you do not understand in life.

When you do not understand something meditate over it. Meditation will allow you to tune into things that will help you to figure things out more properly. Not everything is as complicated as it might seem.

4. Allow your intuition free reign.

Give your intuitive side freedom to make you aware of the things headed your way. Listen to it always and stop squashing the emotions it brings forth. The more you embrace this part of yourself the better.

5. Do not fear the unknown.

Stop being so afraid of the unknown. Just because you’re unsure of something doesn’t mean it’s going to play out badly. You have a lot more going for you than you realize. Just believe in yourself and the power you hold inside. You’re truly a stronger person than you could ever imagine.