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Love for a lot of people could be different things but overall, I am sure we can agree that actions speak louder than words do. When someone says they love you, if their actions do not prove it through the truth becomes quite clear.

If someone loves you they will prove it to you every day with the things they do and how their actions represent them. They won’t expect you to rely on their words to show their emotions. Instead of contradicting themselves and refusing to follow through they will always do what they say they will do and if something comes up they make what is happening quite clear instead of leaving you in the dark. 

When someone actually loves you, you will know it. They won’t be all talk, they will not just say the right things but do the right things. You won’t be placed on a back burner and forgotten as you’ve been by others. You will know how important you are and feel as if you are a priority in this person’s life above all else. 

False love is something far too many people fall into. We find people who seem to fit into what we want and while they make a lot of promises none of those promises are actually carried out. These false loves get our hopes up only to drop us once they’ve built us up as high as they could get us. They like to see us in pain and the more control we allow them over our lives the more pain we find ourselves feeling. 

Don’t allow these false loves to take up so much of your time that you are unable to give real love a chance when it is before you. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that someone truly loves you. If these small things are present in your relationship you’ve found someone who truly cares for you. 

5 Signs Your Lover Actually Loves You:

1. You’re both able to give and take evenly.

When someone truly loves you they’re going to put the efforts you put forth back evenly. They’re going to make sure you know they care in the ways you make them know you care. Everyone is going to be taken care of properly when you’re within a truly loving connection.

2. You’re both on the same page in regards to the future.

As you move through life with someone who truly loves you, you will see that your values and goals align properly. You’re both able to see the future in the same light and have discussed moving forth. Instead of putting off this kind of discussion you know you and your lover are both headed in the same direction.

3. The promises made within the relationship are kept.

When someone loves you truly they make promises that they keep. They don’t just share empty words. They ensure that you’re seeing the things they say are true and following through properly. 

4. You’re both able to sit down and talk through your issues properly.

When you’re with someone who truly loves you, you’re both able to discuss the things you need to discuss with one another. You sit down and talk things through without getting too heated and breaking each other down. Communication is extremely important when it comes to love.

5. You’re actually happy with this person.

When you’re with this person and in a relationship with them you are happy. They brighten your life and build you up. You’re a better version of yourself with them around.