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In life for some reason, we as human beings put too much value on the thoughts of others. We look to them more than we look to ourselves and as a result, only let ourselves down in the end.

If there are people around you who refuse to accept you as you are, those people do not deserve your time and effort. People who really care for you will be there by your side as you are. They will love and support you through your journey in this world whether change is before you or not.

Never squash who you are to fit into the life of someone else or to become someone that the people around you want you to be. The people who actually love you won’t make you try to fit into any kind of box. They will appreciate you for who you are and make the most of your flaws as well as your strengths.

At the end of the day, you are the only one who can make the choices in your life and if you want to transform into something new, do it for yourself and because it’s something you truly want not because it’s something others are pushing onto you. The thoughts and ideas of others in relation to you do not define you, let that sink in before reading the rest of this. YOU are the only person who gets to define yourself and in the end, the people you hold dearest won’t be there to catch you as you fall, you will have to catch yourself.

If someone truly loves you they will remain by your side through the good times and the bad times this world throws your way. They will appreciate all you do and see the bright light shining with your being even when no one else can. When the rest of the world has given up on you, they won’t. They will be open and honest all the while never forcing change on you.

They will above all else be aware that you must be willing to change yourself before true change is possible. They won’t try to make you do something you’re not ready to do or perhaps even something you don’t want to do at all. When someone truly loves and cares for you they will do-so as you are and unconditionally within reason. No, you can’t go around breaking them apart, but they will be willing to understand when you’re having a bad day and merely lashing out as a result.

The people who truly matter in your life will care for the real you and they won’t want this fake version the rest of the world is pushing you to be. They will remind you time and time again that through being your authentic self you are able to grow so much more. They will show you that through being yourself you’re able to become a better version of yourself, even if you can’t quite see it right off the bat.

If you’re feeling drained, out of place, or perhaps even questioning where you are in life then maybe you’re allowing others to hold too much influence over your life and how you move through it. Consider setting new proper boundaries and figuring out what it is you want as time continues to pass. Are you actually happy in your life or are you faking your happiness to please someone else?

Sometimes we need to sit back and think things through before we can uncover where we really want to head in life. Give yourself some time and everything will begin to make sense when you’re ready to make a move. It’s a lot easier to live your life for others than it is to live your life for yourself but once you make the switch and begin living your life for yourself, going back is never an option.