When the right person goes the extra mile and shows their support for you, it means more than anything else in the world. Sure, it might not seem like much to those on the outside looking in but to you, it’s something you need in order to get by without falling apart.

Support from those who care about you on a real level is something that cannot be replaced. It is something that helps us grow and really figure out who we are in this world. While some people might say they can do this all on their own, having a few people by your side is always an extremely important boost that should not go overlooked.

When you feel like the whole world is falling apart a hug from that one person who cares about you more than anyone else can be enough to stop the buildings from coming down around you. It can pick you back up and place you right where you need to be. This kind of thing is crucial for our moving forth and honestly, should not go overlooked.

There are people surrounding all of us that we might not really think too much about in your average day, those people will be here for us when we need them the most and when we are facing times of need. They are people who feed our souls and they want to see us thrive in all ways possible. Instead of holding us back or feeding off of our energies, they want to see us flourish and they are more than willing to help us get to where we need to be.

The more time you spend with these people the more apparent their intentions will become to you. These people are the ones who will be there for you when no one else will. They want to see you grow and they are willing to help you find yourself through any means you deem necessary.

When you’re having a crisis and turning into someone new, they won’t abandon you, they will adapt with you. They know that as we move through life we all change and become new versions of ourselves. They are the people who will love and accept you no matter who you end up turning out to be and the connection you have with them is one that cannot be broken.

If you have someone in your life who has been there for you through the rough patches you’ve faced and not judged you as you worked through the pains you’ve faced, they deserve a thank you. These people might see you in the same light that you see them but the comfort that you provide one another is something that cannot be matched. You’re able to truly understand one another and that in itself is a beautiful thing.

We in this life for some reason tend to forget how important our connections with one another are. You’re important and so are the people you hold closest. Never let yourself forget that, period.

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