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A lot of times, when we think about ‘turn-offs‘ we think about more overt acts, but there is a lot of small, everyday, unintentional things that women do that turn men off. Even if the goal is to turn him on, if you are doing the following, your efforts are likely counterproductive.

turn men off

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Reddit user tennesseelamb took to the massive online forum and posed the question, “What turns you off a girl?” As it turns out, there were a LOT of opinions on the matter. So, I did the dirty work for you, scoured the answers, and picked out the ones that stuck out to me the most. Keep in mind, that all men are different, so what may be a turn-off to one, may not be to everyone. Due to that, I have stuck to the most popular answers in the post.

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9 Things That Turn Men Off:

1. [deleted] says,

A lack of honesty. Just tell me how you truly feel, and I can handle it, there’s no need to dance around subjects or lie if we’re together or one of us wants to be with the other.

2. flourantimonics says,

Excessive self-centeredness. It’s important to be able to talk about things other than yourself. At least make an effort to seem like you’re interested in the person you’re talking to. When you’re talking, you can tell they’re just waiting to talk about their own thoughts/story/anecdote/etc. They’re not listening. Just waiting for their turn (if you don’t get interrupted).

3. TheGriefers says,

Being on the phone all the time.

4. jungleboogiemonster says,

When they play the jealousy game. If you’re interested in another guy, I’ll bow out. And no, you showing interest in another guy won’t make me want you more.

5. dhockey63 says,

Trying to get me to “fight for you” or “chase you” is the quickest way to make me lose interest. I’m not a teenager, I’m a grown ass adult with shit to do and I won’t waste any of my time scheming of ways to “win you”. Life isn’t a romantic chick flick, fuck off.

6. Finally_Smiled says

When they show immediate interest, and then they don’t bother to try to converse.
Happened a few times.

7. HeatSeekingGhostOSex says

When you can’t carry on a conversation with them. It’s infuriating to try to converse with someone who isn’t willing to input anything useful, ask any questions, or really even care.
Of course, that really goes for anybody, but it seems to be a common trend in women in my area because of the very nature of the place I live (wealthy tourist island).

8. bea5tly says,

“I’m not like the other girls” run.

9. MrFeles says,

Deliberately being helpless.

Sure, it might look pretty, but being useless, especially by your own design, isn’t very attractive to me. Got a bad back? Can’t lift heavy shit? That’s perfectly understandable. Can’t sit still because you’re wearing trousers woven from live ants? You’re an idiot.

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