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Speaking from the perspective of a female, we are often led to believe that to be sexy, we have to have the perfect appearance or go above and beyond in the bedroom to turn men on. However, according to most men, it’s the slight and subtle unintentional actions that are the biggest turn-on.

I scoured the internet, read the forums of Reddit, and I did a major deep dive into what turns men on. What I found honestly shocked me. So, the next time a Cosmo article tells you that you need to be a sexual magician to be ‘sexy,’ I encourage you to be a little more subtle.

Well, if you’ve been a “good” girl who’s feeling that crazy
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Here are 10 men sharing what turns them on. Enjoy.

1. “Serious answer. When they have well-kept fingernails and gently touch or manipulate a small object with them. I could stare at that for hours.”

2. When you rise onto your tiptoes…
“To reach for something high. That just gets my blood going.”

3. “I love watching my girlfriend brush her teeth, I have no idea why but it always turns me on a little. Maybe because she’s got something so innocent in and out of her mouth and I wish it was something else. Either way, it turns me on.”

4. “Sitting on the floor crosslegged. That’s it. It’s not about what she’s wearing, or anything. Just sitting crosslegged like that is so f*cking hot.”

5. “When they scrunch their nose. Not an intentional action, but accents. Pretty much all of them.”

6. “But my girlfriend will sometimes wear just a dress shirt to bed and I know whenever she does, it’s on.”

7. “If I’m ever annoying my girlfriend she gives me a look as if to say “Are you serious?”, the way she tilts her head and stares at me gets me going. That, or if I’m talking too much and she kisses me to shut me up, the way that it’s unexpected also works.”

8. When you curl up to him when he’s cold. “Basically using me as a human radiator.”

9. “She turns me on when she cooks me breakfast, especially when it’s the weekend and she just rolled out of bed in a t-shirt. She has no idea how sexy she makes bedhead look.”

10. Stroking his chest. “Even through a t-shirt, I turn into a ball of goo.”

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P.S. The reason so many men “pull away” from women is because
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