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While we would like to think that our childhood doesn’t have much influence over us, the truth is, it shapes us in a lot of ways. The things we experience as children can either make or break us moving forward.

We all respond to the things we face in life differently and that is why some of us though experiencing similar things end up in totally different places. No one in this world is perfect, and being a parent is not easy. Sure, some people would like to think that they are perfect parents, but honestly, there is no such thing.

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If you grew up feeling unloved whether that was intentional or merely your parents being unable to figure out how to make you aware of their feelings it can still affect you moving forward. As a woman who grew up in a somewhat toxic home, I never felt loved, and because of that even I face some of the things you will find on the list below. While reading this, please understand that while hard to defeat, you can overcome these things.

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7 Things Women Who Are Unloved As Children Do In Their

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1. She doesn’t know how to let go.

Letting go is something she struggles with. She holds onto things and people for longer than she should, and gives them the benefit of the doubt when she shouldn’t be. Because of this, she finds herself in lots of toxic situations.

2. She expects rejection and closes herself off.

She closes herself off when things start to get ‘real.’ The more you make her feel good, the more she expects something bad to happen. She feels like rejection no matter what is inevitable and there is no way for her to get through that.

3. She hides her emotional/vulnerable side.

She doesn’t show people her emotional side, she hides her vulnerabilities and closes herself off from the people who want to show her love. She isn’t willing to open up and be close with people regardless of the efforts they show. It takes much more than it should to get her to really be real with those around her.

4. She struggles to trust.

She might want to trust those who care for her, but it takes a lot to get her in the right mind space for it. The people she trusts don’t always keep that trust, and it each time breaks her down more and more. She is well aware that the only person she should truly count on is herself.

5. She struggles with boundaries.

She either lets people cross her own boundaries, or she struggles with the lines of other people’s boundaries. It’s like when someone pushes she caves and that is in no way a good thing. She just doesn’t know how to reinforce her own limits.

6. She doesn’t say ‘I love you’ first.

She isn’t the kind of person to say ‘I love you’ first. The more you tell her that you have feelings for her, the more withdrawn she will become. She has to feel like you’re willing to prove that love to her before she will even consider saying it back.

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7. She doubts herself.

She doesn’t really know herself in the ways she feels like she should. She always doubts whether she is worthy of love or even happiness in general. It’s like the more success she finds the less she feels she should be experiencing it.

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