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Narcissists are individuals who have a callous disregard for others, a grandiose sense of self, and a major lack of empathy. Due to these traits, the people who get close to them often have to deal with a variety of abuse, and that is especially true for their children.

Children who grew up with a narcissistic parent tend to experience the world differently. You see, through dealing with the narcissist at a young age, the child of a narcissist is often shaped by their parent’s behaviors. For that reason, they tend to carry themselves differently than others. Here are 6 things people don’t realize they are doing because they are the child of a narcissistic parent.

1. Not trusting others.

When you grow up with narcissistic parents, it may be hard to trust others. Our parents are supposed to shape the way that we see the world. However, in the case of a narcissistic parent, they may end up causing you to not feel like you can trust people because your narcissistic parents were not trustworthy.

2. Always second-guessing themselves.

Narcissistic parents can be hypercritical, always following you around, and critiquing everything that you do. It is because of this, that you may begin to second-guess yourself and this can develop into a trait of constantly second-guessing.

3. You are a people-pleaser.

In many cases, the child of a narcissist will take on the role of peacemaker. They will do anything they can to make the narcissist happy enough to not lash out at them. Over time, the child of the narcissist can become a people pleaser.

4. You keep people at a distance.

Our parents set the stage for how we connect with others. When we have a healthy relationship with our parents, we can securely attach ourselves to others as well. However, when your parents are abusive, or narcissistic, you may have a hard time connecting with them and everyone else, too.

5. You pick the wrong partners.

Another trend among those who were raised by narcissistic parents is that they tend to latch on to similar people as their parents, unintentionally. One theory behind this is that the child of the narcissist is always trying to re-try the same situation or dynamic as the one they grew accustomed too subconsciously.

6. You self-deprecate.

When you get used to everyone tearing you down all the time, you will begin to hear their voice as your inner monologue. This can lead to very negative self-talk and even feelings of worthlessness. Most people may not realize this, but the reason you are your own worst enemy is that growing up, your parents raised you to be.