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There is a common misconception that asserts that men only care about sex or intimacy when the relationship needs of a man go far beyond that. Men are quite complex and in many ways just as fragile, if not more fragile in some ways, than women.

By understanding what it is that a man needs most in a relationship, you can find clarity in understanding him better. Below, I will go over the 6 main things that every man needs in a relationship. Many of these are likely going to be unexpected, especially if you have always fallen into the trap of believing that all men care about is sex.

1. Respect.

In relationships, men need to feel respected. Respect is very much akin to love, and in love, if a man doesn’t feel respected, he will find it difficult to trust you. Without respect, men get anxious and back off.

2. For you to be proud of them.

We often tell our partners when they mess up, but when it comes to being proud of their accomplishments, we tend to be quieter. However, men need words of affirmation. They need to hear when they are doing something right, otherwise, they may get so caught up in what they are doing wrong, that they cannot focus.

3. Sexual connection.

Yes, men do need sex, but it goes beyond just skin touching skin. To a man, intimacy in the bedroom is very much a necessity, because it helps them to bond with you.

4. Emotional connection.

However, men also need an emotional connection to you. While men are often thought of as less emotional creatures, they are highly emotional. Our society has a way of pushing men to bury their emotions, and when a woman provides a healthy environment for her man to express his emotions, he can flourish.

5. Space.

Men need space from their love to grow. They need to feel as though they have their own lives and their things going for them. Without space, they will feel suffocated.

6. Communication.

Men are not mindreaders. While it may seem obvious to you that you are upset and why, it’s better to not expect him to just know. He needs clear communication on what he does right and what he does wrong

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