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If you were asked what men look for in a partner, how would you respond? While most might jump to things like big boobs, a perfect body, the perfect hair, or a big booty- it actually goes much deeper than that.

While our society tends to make all men appear shallow, not all men are just looking for good looks. On the contrary, science even shows that when it comes to men’s preferences, there is so much more to it than looks. Below, I will cover 8 things men look for in a partner according to science.

1. Someone who makes them feel like a hero.

There is a thing called the ‘hero complex’ which asserts that men have the desire to protect the people they love and to feel needed. This is a biological need that men have. So, if you really want to win him over, don’t be afraid to let down your guard and ask him to help you in some way. Or, be vulnerable with him.

2. Natural-looking beauty.

In a study conducted by Zoosk, out of 1,2000 women who wore makeup in their profile picture, only 139 were likely to be messaged by a man. Additionally, men seemed to be most eager about a simple look of just lipstick. Darker makeup looks were far less likely to get asked out.

3. Kindness.

Men appreciate kindness too. According to a study carried out by the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, researchers discovered that the more responsive to a man’s needs a woman was, the more likely she was to be attractive in his eyes.

4. Health.

Our health shows through our appearance and can be seen in how we act, how we look and how we carry ourselves. Men tend to be more attracted to women who can take care of themselves and who carry themselves accordingly.

5. Emotional intelligence.

Men are far more likely to go for a woman who is emotionally intelligent. Emotionally intelligent women not only understand their emotions, but are also able to fully manage them and understand themselves and others.

6. Dependability.

Researchers from the University of Iowa found that men tend to lean toward women who have dependable character. This makes sense because many men in our current generation grew up with women as their strong influencers. This obviously leads them to want someone they can share themselves with and depend on.

7. Honesty.

In another study that looked at the effect of personality on perceptions, they found that men tended to value women who were described as honest. Of course, this makes sense. Because honesty is a sign of loyalty.

8. Someone who laughs at his jokes.

Men love to be noticed, and they love making others laugh. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘dad joke?’ It isn’t a coincidence that men tend to have cheesy humor on deck to use at any time. When women laugh at their man’s joke, it makes him feel special and seen.

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