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Our society tends to put all men in the same category, depicting them as the less lovey or emotional out of the two sexes. However, research has not only indicated that men tend to fall in love faster, but has also offered us an understanding of what makes a man fall head over heels.

love I have always found it interesting that we think men are the less emotional of the two genders when a man who has been raised with emotional intelligence can be just as emotional as a female, and sometimes, men give me the impression they may even be more emotional. Of course, that is not the topic for today’s article. Instead, we are going to discuss 7 psychologically backed reasons why men fall in love.

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1. She makes him feel like a superhero.

Men have a natural instinct to protect the people they love most. It makes them feel needed, and if a woman makes a man feel needed or like he has saved her day, then she is likely to win him over. Why? Because she is meeting a natural need that he may not even realize that he has.

To deepen understanding on this dynamic, “The Hero Instinct: How to Trigger It in Your Man” can be a captivating read.

2. She is the complete package.

Men tend to fall in love with the woman who is the complete package. Men are very sensory-motivated animals. If a woman smells good, looks good, can hold a good conversation, and is kind and affectionate, it’s likely she is going to win her man over.

A guide on holistic self-improvement, such as “The Complete Package: Your Guide to Being the Ultimate Woman,” can provide insightful tips.

3. He can’t stop thinking about her.

In the beginning stages of love, when a man is in love, he can become obsessive., They have a hard time keeping a woman off of their mind. This phenomenon is so well-known, that research has found that the obsession men have with a woman in the early stages is comparable to the tendencies of a person with the obsessive-compulsive disorder.

For those who are curious, “Love and Obsession: Unraveling the Psychology” is a book that explores this phenomenon further.

4. She makes him feel a natural high.

A man in love is much like an addict. They tend to gravitate towards women who make them happier and more confident because it enacts their natural rewards systems. Put simply, interacting with a woman that sparks a man’s interest can cause his brain to release dopamine, much like a strong drug.

5. He feels like he can make her happy.

Human beings tend to put themselves in situations that don’t require much effort. If a man thinks he will have to jump through hoops to satisfy a woman emotionally or otherwise, it’s likely she may seem like work. If he can easily make her happy, on the other hand, he is more likely to fall.

Effortless Love: Building Relationships that Last” offers strategies for creating joy in partnerships without undue stress.

6. He can see she wants the same things as he does.

In the same vein, humans tend to like the company of what is familiar to them. If they find someone who shares the same interests as them, with the same values and goals, this person will feel more comfortable and familiar with them. In turn, they are much more likely to fall in love.

7. She is responsive to him.

I’ve always wondered why my husband will do things and then look at me as though to say, “What do you think about that?” Well, according to research, men enjoy getting a rise out of us. If a man can make you laugh, he will feel as though he is serving some purpose. In turn, he is more likely to catch feelings for you, if you seem responsive to the signals he is putting out.

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