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No one ever envisions or aspires to wake up one day and realize that their partner no longer loves them. Unfortunately, though, in some relationships, this does happen.


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It’s a very sad fact. What’s even sadder, is that love can blind us to painful truths, in many cases, we may refuse to acknowledge the truth. However, your gut does not lie to you. When a gnawing, painful knot begins to grow in your stomach telling you that something is amiss, it’s better to not ignore it. I know you may want to, because who wants to think, “My partner doesn’t love me anymore,” but the longer you prolong having an authentic talk and deciding where to go from here, the longer you are going to keep yourself in a painful situation.

Here are 10 painful, but honest signs that your partner no longer loves you.

1. Nothing you do feels like enough.

No matter what you do, it never feels like it’s good enough. There is always something you could have done differently or something about you that needs to be changed. It’s like they want you to be someone else entirely.

For those facing the heartache of feeling unloved in a relationship, “Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Decide Whether to Stay In or Get Out of Your Relationship” by Mira Kirshenbaum offers insights and practical guidance. This book can help readers navigate the complex emotions and decisions involved in such situations.

2. There is no communication.

Communication is complete upside down. Either you don’t communicate at all, or when you do communicate, it’s with contempt or anger. Real, authentic communication has gone out the window.’

In addressing the challenges of communication breakdowns, “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide from the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert” by John Gottman and Nan Silver provides proven strategies for improving communication and rekindling love in relationships.

3. There are no arguments.

Most people assume that when you argue, it’s a bad thing. But, the thing is, healthy relationships involve an argument from time to time. What’s much scarier than having a big argument is when one or both of you stop caring enough to even fight for the relationship.

4. There is no passion.

When you go to hug them, they seem to like their heart isn’t in it. When you look in their eyes, they look away. And when you have sex, it doesn’t feel like an act of intimacy, it just feels like an act. When you begin to notice these signs, it shows that they are emotionally withdrawing.

5. They pick fights and try to break up with you.

Every little disagreement turns into a massive fight, following a break-up, or their attempt to break up with you. And for some reason, you may have an itching feeling that the reason they are picking fights with you is that they don’t want to do this anymore.

6. They pull away from affection.

When you go for a hug or try to snuggle up to them, they pull away. You may begin to feel completely neglected (on an affectionate level) because there is no affectionate touch in the relationship anymore. Unfortunately, this is a sign that their heart is no longer in it anymore.

7. They stop cherishing you.

Small things matter. If you notice your partner is no longer doing the little things, is forgetting things that are important to you, and blowing you off all the time, it’s a bad sign. All relationships dwindle, that much is true. But, when your partner stops cherishing you entirely, something is wrong.

8. They stop using love words.

Pay attention to how your partner talks to you. When you say “I love you,” and they say, “okay,” instead of “I love you too,” and this happens all the time, it’s a bad sign. Another thing to look out for is if you bring up the future, and they change the subject.

9. They don’t consider your feelings.

Your partner has completely stopped considering your feelings entirely. When you say how something makes you feel, they roll their eyes or change the subject. They make plans without asking what you think or do things that completely violate your boundaries.

For readers looking to understand and cope with the emotional pain of a diminishing relationship, “Healing from Hidden Abuse: A Journey Through the Stages of Recovery from Psychological Abuse” by Shannon Thomas offers support and strategies for healing and moving forward.

10. They compare you to others.

When your partner begins to compare you to someone else (another potential partner) and says things like, “Wow, he looks great! Why can’t you be more like him?” or “Wow, look at how she looks. I wish you looked like that.” Or compares you in any way to another (potential partner) it’s a sign they are already looking outside of the relationship.