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There are many ups and downs throughout the dating process – part of the roller coaster experience that it is often described as. On one hand, you will meet some incredible people, however, not all are the person they want you to believe.

You will be hurt and broken-hearted, and someone will deceive you along the way. The real test is your ability to stand back up, brush yourself off, and keep searching until you find the one whose life genuinely compliments your own.

There are amazing, genuine women out there, you just have to keep looking until you find them! Keep your eyes and your heart open and learn to acknowledge the real deal when you find her because if you don’t hold onto her and show her love and respect, someone else surely will! How do you know when you’ve come across this elusive, genuine woman? Learn to recognize the signs…

10 Signs She’s a High-Quality Woman and You Shouldn’t Let Her Go!

#1 – Bravery

Life isn’t always going to be easy. In fact, it’s guaranteed that we will all face a challenging time at one point or another in our lives. Rather than allowing these challenges, difficulties, and obstacles define her, she refuses to back down. She demonstrates strength and determination, with her head held high and a fire in her eyes.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life” by Mark Manson explores the concept of facing life’s challenges head-on, much like a brave and high-quality woman would.

#2 – Highly Supportive

Throughout your relationship, you notice that she’s always got your back. Regardless of what challenges you may face, you can count on her to be by your side encouraging you every step of the way. She truly wants to see you reach your goals and dreams and will do whatever she can to help you along the way.

#3 – Respect

She goes out of her way to treat everyone that she meets with respect and understanding, even if she doesn’t agree with their beliefs or opinions. She listens to actually hear what you’re saying and comprehend, rather than just waiting for her turn to talk.

#4 – Encouragement

She is able to see the best possible version of you, even if you may fail to see it at this time in your life. More than willing to remind you of what you are capable of, she encourages you to take the steps necessary to step outside of your comfort zone, helping you to grow and evolved into the best possible you.

#5 – Kindness

She genuinely cares not only about herself, but about the happiness and well-being of every person that she meets along the way. She is careful to speak words of kindness and encouragement, reaching out a hand to help anyone that she sees in need.

#6 – Passionate

For this type of woman, life is an adventure, and she is eager to live it. She pays attention to what makes the fire in her heart burn, dedicating her life to chasing these pursuits. When she puts her heart into something, she gives her all without holding back. She readily talks about what she wants, sharing her passion with the world.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert delves into the art of living passionately and creatively, reflecting the energy of a high-quality woman.

#7 – Maturity

Far too many people in today’s society appear to have forgotten that we all left high school. This type of woman has grown and matured, leaving the childish games and drama behind her. She loves unconditionally and shares her true self rather than some carefully manufactured version of who she may be. Her love is the real deal.

#8 – Confidence

With a strong sense of self-worth and self-acceptance, she holds her head high and carries herself with an admirable level of confidence. It’s not that she believes she is perfect, she is aware of her weaknesses and flaws, but she has learned to love all aspects of herself without exception.

#9 – Loving

While she doesn’t need you around her 24/7, when you are spending time together, she makes you feel loved and appreciated. She happily shares your relationships with others, showing her love for you both in public and in private. Just having her by your side makes you feel better.

#10 – Independence

If she has welcomed you into her life, it is because she wants you there, not because she needs you. She is the very definition of a strong, independent woman, with the ability to face anything that life throws her way. She doesn’t need your approval, and she certainly isn’t looking for a man to ‘complete’ her, because she is complete on her own.

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