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Despite how we may feel as though we are victims of circumstance, there are many times in life when we are given signs of impending doom, yet we ignore them. However, if we understand what these signs from the universe look like, we would have an opportunity to change them before it is too late.

Have you ever been on a mission to do something in life, and no matter how hard you tried, everything that could possibly go wrong, did? Or have you ever had a terrible feeling that you couldn’t shake, regarding a situation in life? On the other hand, have you ever felt as though everything was falling into place, and it did? These are signs. Whether good or bad, the universe has an interesting way of telling us if we are on the right path in life. Sadly, as the stubborn beings that we are, many of us refuse to accept these signs and use them.

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These signs and indications relate closely to our vibrational frequencies. When we are in a low vibrational frequency, our thoughts and feelings tend to stay in a negative state. On the contrary, higher vibrational frequencies we encounter more positive circumstances that lead us in the right direction.

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However, it isn’t simple to stay in a higher vibration constantly, as our physical body has a much lower vibration than our soul.

And when you are at a lower frequency, or en route to a lower frequency, the universe tends to tell us. If you begin to look for the signs and use them to your advantage, you can change your outcome exponentially.

Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe” by Laura Lynne Jackson – This book delves into how the universe sends us messages, guiding us toward our life’s purpose.

Here are 10 Examples of a Sign from the Universe

An overwhelming bad feeling, or an unusual feeling.

Noticing that everything seems to be going wrong as you are trying to accomplish something.

Physical symptoms like a migraine, or severe ache.

A physical injury, or random sickness that leads to hospitalization.

Extremely random bad weather.

A series of strange and random bad luck.


Losing something irreplaceable, having something stolen, or having unexpected financial trouble.

If people suddenly seem defensive around you.

Displaced animal visits, swarms of birds, or animals acting strangely around you.

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While that may sound strange, you have to understand that when you are experiencing lower frequencies, the energies around you react. Those energies are also contained within all sentient beings, and because of that, they may begin to react strangely to your low frequency. Such frequencies emanate negative energies, which will affect everything around you. However, you hold the power to change your frequencies. Try a different path, change your path and be as positive as possible. You may be surprised with the results.