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I am most definitely one of those people who believes that everything happens for a reason, but I also believe that when something isn’t right for us, the Universe tries to help us evade them. Unfortunately, because we don’t always listen to the Universe, these people become lessons in another way.

The Universe has clever ways to try to help us through this life, and oftentimes, the pathway in the right direction is clear if we are paying attention. I am a firm believer in signs. I believe in synchronicity and I believe that when we don’t take heed to the signs the Universe sends, we eventually pay the price.

If you are with someone, and you are concerned they aren’t right for you, you have likely seen or encountered some of the following signs from the Universe.

1. When you first meet them and make plans, something always comes up to prevent it.

Every time you try to hang out with them, something random happens and the plans fall through. When you finally do get to hang out, your plans still don’t work out how you expected. You almost feel as though an outside force doesn’t want you together.

2. Your friends/family have a bad feeling about them.

When your friends and family met them, they didn’t like them. They have told you that they have a bad feeling about this person that they cannot shake. There’s not much of a reason, but more so a feeling they can sense.

3. You have a bad feeling about them.

And deep down, you have a bad feeling too. You aren’t sure why or what has caused this, but your gut is telling you to run.

4. Bad things happen when you are together.

When the two of you hang out, bad things happen randomly. For example, you might be hanging out, and witness a car accident on the way home. Or, you may be spending time at your place, only for a picture to randomly fall off of the wall.

5. You get the sense that they are only a temporary presence in your life.

Somewhere deep within, you know this connection isn’t going the distance. While it hasn’t been spoken of out loud, and while there may not be a concrete reason for you to think this, you do. It’s not necessarily an overt thought, but more so a deep feeling.

6. You have dreams about something horrible happening.

When you go to sleep, you have extremely vivid dreams about this person. And no necessarily good dreams, either, but more so nightmares in which something horrible happens between you and them. You may even have passed on loved ones visit you in your dreams and warn you against them.

7. Something about them doesn’t sit right with you.

On a deep level, something about them is off. They may seem too good to be true, or you may notice small things about their persona that just doesn’t seem right. At times, you may worry that you are overthinking, but deep down you know you are right.

8. They make you feel drained.

When you are around this person, you feel completely drained. Not really for any particular reason, but they make you feel exhausted.

9. You feel like everything and everyone are pulling you apart.

No matter how hard you try to make the connection work, it just never works out the way it should. Oftentimes, it feels like the entire world is pulling you apart and you don’t know why. However, this is the universe trying to keep the two of you at a distance and for a reason.

10. You feel you are a worse version of yourself around them.

Being around them makes you feel like a version of yourself you can’t recognize. You do things and accept things you would have never done or accepted before. And you feel like you are losing yourself.

11. Interactions feel forced.

When the two of you interact, it feels forced. Nothing about it feels natural, and holding a conversation just feels off. The two of you have nothing in common, and you can tell when you think about it.

12. Random coincidences keep happening that you can’t explain.

You are constantly noticing random coincidences that make you feel like something is wrong. You may hear a song about someone leaving a toxic person at just the right moment. Or you may have an article pop up about breaking it off with a toxic partner. It’s not just one or two coincidences, either, there are many.