Sure, we all know that sometimes our hearts are not as with us as we would like for them to be but what does that mean? Well, our hearts are very interesting things and even when we cut ties with someone they can still hold our hearts.

We for some reason give too much too quickly to the people who make our feelings flutter and that sets us up to be disappointed and hurt in the long-run. If you’re having trouble figuring out where you really want to be or perhaps even who you really want to be with, consider where your mind goes when it wanders. Who do you wake up with on your mind in the middle of the night unexpectedly? Perhaps that’s where your heart is?

Your heart is never going to be in the logical or obvious place, it’s going to be where you might not want it to be and that’s something you need to come to terms with. Just because something is ideal doesn’t mean that your heart will be in it. While you might be here, in this moment with someone your heart might not be with you. Your heart could be longing for something you once had or maybe even something you will never find.

Where does your mind go when you’re at your worst? When you’re falling apart and there is one place you would want to see more than any other place in that moment, what is that place? That is where your heart is. See, it’s not as complicated as most would assume to figure out.

Who do you dream of and where do you go in your daydreams? These are questions that should be asked when it comes to working through retrieving your heart once and for all. If you’re lucky that person will be the person you’re with and that place will be the location you call your home but for many that won’t be a reality.

Stop letting your brain make all of your decisions and start doing things that lead you to where you can reconnect with your heart. Sure, sometimes we have to learn to let go and get our hearts back without being with the person we wanted so badly but giving things a proper chance can be more than enough closure in the end. Knowing that you tried your best and that things just weren’t meant to be will put your mind and heart at ease in time.

Have you ever considered this kind of thing and do you know where your heart it? In a world so full of mystery, even matters of the heart are confusing for us. My mind no longer wanders in the ways it once did and that is because I worked through the things before me instead of running away from them, doing the same might help you get to where you need to be in life. Don’t keep running from the things your heart is pulling you to.

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