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Everyone you spend time with or allow in your inner circle is someone you’re giving energy to. The more you give these people the energy that you have to offer, the more they will either build you up or break you down. 

If you truly want to be happy, you really need to stop giving energy to people who are either overly toxic or just assholes in general. We should as energetic beings on this planet need to stop feeding into people who refuse to feed into us. If they’re not helping us grow, they’re holding us back, period. 

Happiness is not about surrounding yourself by all the people you possibly can, it is about finding the right connections and creating proper room for growth. In this world, you’re going to come across people who are going to do nothing but make you feel like sh!t and those people do not deserve your time or efforts.

Sometimes these people are our close friends or even family members, and we don’t quite realize what we’re facing with them until some time has passed. This serves as both an issue and a solution depending on how you work through it once their masks have come off and their true colors are shining. These people will do their best to remain in your life and try hard to control you but breaking free from their influence will help you become the person you always knew you were meant to be.

I too, in the past, was someone who just wanted as many friends as I could find so, I understand if you’re struggling to cut ties properly with some of these toxic people but doing-so will benefit you greatly. You don’t have to keep allowing people who bring you down to ask you for favors or to be around you at all. You are in charge of your life and you get to choose who is allowed in it. 

Sure, you might feel bad at first for cutting them off but once all is said and done you will feel better in the end. You cannot change the people in your life, and they are either positive or negative. Coming to terms with this is very important in moving forth on your path in this life. 

If someone is talking badly about others to you, chances are they’re doing the same about you to others. That in itself is a good place to begin when it comes to spotting these kinds of people. However, some are going to be much more covert in their actions. Paying attention to their words and how they follow through with the things they promise is a great way to keep the assholes at bay. 

If someone is bringing you down, don’t feel bad for blowing them off or ghosting them without explaining why you’re no longer interested in pursuing a friendship with them. You don’t owe anyone in this world anything. They will figure things out on their own and if they change and find happiness in their own lives then, good for them.

We don’t live for very long on this planet, and we all need to make the most of our time here. Don’t let people who are only using you or trying to make you feel like sh!t control you. This is your life and you are in charge of it. 

Happiness is not as complicated as some people make it out to be. Once you dive within and cut off those who are only feeding off of you, you will find it. Never let anyone treat you as if you’re just another target they need to hit along their way.