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The perfect relationship doesn’t really exist and that’s something we all need to come to terms with. Sure, you might think that there are some couples present in this world who have it all figured out but honestly, they don’t.

The perfect relationship is actually quite imperfect. It’s full of change, challenges, ups, downs, and so much more. While it might look like the people in it don’t argue and have it all together but that’s not the case. We all go through disagreements, we all have our own issues, and sometimes our relationships are more frustrating than we ever thought they would be, but we remain persistent because we love one another.

Instead of jumping ship when things get hard we as ‘perfect’ couples choose to stick beside one another. We grow together instead of growing apart and I think that in itself is what sets this kind of relationship apart from the rest even if it’s not as perfect as we might want it to be. Instead of holding each other back and forcing one person to mold to the other both people involved are able to accomplish their own things and move through life properly.

If you’re unable to grow as a person in your given relationship, you’re with the wrong kind of person. Instead of being with someone who is going to push you to be a better version of yourself, you’re giving too much power to someone who is holding you back in more ways than you might currently be able to see. While you and your partner might not be perfect together you are something amazing. You together are able to work through your differences and find the things that make your love worth holding onto.

The more rough patches you and your partner get through the closer you will bond with one another. Of course, sometimes it’s going to be hard to stick together but that is a decision you will never question if you’re with the right person. If you both truly love one another there is nothing the two of you cannot overcome.

True love is not something everyone in this world finds so if you’ve found it you should make sure you’re not taking it for granted. Sometimes we treat the people we care the most about the worst and when that happens we ruin some of the most amazing connections we could ever experience in this world. If your partner is always there for you, make sure he or she knows that you’re thankful.

Life is too short to spend time with people who aren’t going to help you be the person you were always meant to be. You deserve someone in your romantic life who is going to care for you properly and put forth the efforts you also bring to the table. True love might not be what you expect but it is what you need, period.