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With the full moon of February already having occurred and the retrograde of Mercury coming our way the residual energies we’re facing during this ‘day of love’ might be hard to deal with. While Valentine’s day is something most couples quite enjoy, this one could play out to be a lot more frustrating than you’d initially expect.

While the retrograde is not quite here and won’t be kicking off until the 16th its energies are already making their way here and could leave you feeling a bit moody and disconnected while Valentine’s day itself is underway. Sure, this is something you can work through but it will be frustrating. You might find that if you are energy sensitive as a whole you’re much more nervous in the days before the retrograde begins than during the retrograde itself. 

It is also important to mention the full moon we just faced on the 9th because that full moon was one that brought with it a lot of passion. Passion is something we need during times like this romantic holiday. While the full moon has passed its energies will remain for at least a couple of weeks. That you should keep in mind moving forth. 

Don’t let your emotions get too out of control but also don’t close yourself off from them. The passion you feel right now could make or break your Valentine’s day experience depending on how your partner is feeling. That being said, do your best to remain grounded as this full moon also brought forth some tension.

From the 10th to the 16th things are going to be quite a struggle for us all. We will be facing a lot of pressure and dealing with some of the most confusing moments of our lives within reason. The more we dive into romantic encounters the further from where we might want to be we will find ourselves.

While we will be full of courage and ready to take the lead, that is going to step on the toes of some people and cause issues within our emotional connections. Right now and through to the 16th we should be paying attention to the people who matter the most and trying to hear them out properly before this retrograde kicks off. It is time to clear up any misunderstandings before the retrograde begins so that you will be able to kick things off on the right foot.

Sure, it might not feel like there are a lot of challenges before us right now but as they begin presenting themselves before you, your tune will change in regards. Don’t ignore your thoughts or your feelings. Things are going to be much more interesting within than you could have ever imagined. 

Keep your partner’s wellbeing in mind and do your best to make sure this holiday is a good one. While there will be some ups and downs, if you and your partner truly love one another all will play out fine. This is going to be frustrating and tricky but you can handle it.