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There is a full moon coming up very soon and with this, of course, energies are shifting. Occurring on the 9th of this month, we’re all in store for something very special.

This full moon will officially begin on Feb. 9th at roughly 2:30 AM EST. This full moon being in Leo brings forth some interesting emotions within us all. We will be much stronger while its energies are present and more willing to really go after the things we want or need in life. While that might not sound like a lot to some, to those who have been needing these energies it can evoke more change than could ever be expected.

This full moon will be helping us all to take control of our lives once again and will influence us for weeks to come. While it might only last for one night, its energetic presence will not be as fleeting. Your intuition and passions during this time period will be heightened and more intense than ever before. While some people will ignore these things, those who put them to proper use will be able to achieve great things in the coming weeks.

That having been said, not everything this full moon brings forth will be as positive. It will like all things still have a hard side for us to face but facing it will bring us closer to where we need to be. You will be more sensitive and emotional which for some might be quite the issue. 

In regards to these energies Astrology King wrote as follows on their website:

The major influence on this full moon comes from the fixed star in constellations Leo and Ursa Major. They both act as the planet Mars to reinforce the major aspect, Moon trine Mars.

So full moon February 2020 gives strength, courage, and initiative. It encourages you to act on your emotional and passionate desires, especially regarding your intimate relationships and family.

The fixed stars give the confidence to act boldly and take what you want, but they also caution against acting too selfishly and ignoring the feelings of others. Finding the right balance between bravado and sensitivity is the key to having your desires fulfilled.

A full moon has a relationship with the previous new moon. The January 24 new moon brought unexpected changes, unpredictable behavior, and crazy mood swings. So this another reason to keep your emotions in check and look carefully at a situation before acting on your passionate desires. The February 9 full moon lasts for two weeks up to the February 23 new moon.

Great things are coming and we all need to make the most of them. How are you feeling right now and are you ready for the things to come? I for one am quite excited about the things that are ahead of me. For more information on what might be coming your way please feel free to check out the video below. This might not be the most overwhelming full moon but it will be one to remember, that’s for sure.