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As we leave 2017 in our rear-view mirror, we look forward to a new year with a clean slate and fresh beginning. The energy of 2017 was one of new beginnings and endings, turning many of our lives on their heads.

Faced with new realizations of ourselves, where we are going in life and the journey that will be required to get reach it, we were forced to step outside our comfort zone as we said goodbye to choices, decisions, and paths in our lives that no longer served us preparing for bigger and better things to come.

Enter 2018 – the ‘Year of Illumination.’ Throughout the coming year, we will continue on the new paths that we have carved, moving forward in our efforts to grow and change, becoming the best version of our selves. We still have a great deal of personal growth and discovery before us, however, starting in 2018 many of us will begin to see the tangible impact of our choices as our efforts begin to manifest in real accomplishments.

These accomplishments are going to be experienced even more by a select group of people – more specifically by 6 Zodiac signs. When the powerful energies of 2018 meet those possessed by these individuals, the result is going to be amazing! Curious to know if you are one of them? Read on…



The realizations in 2017 brought you a great deal of anger and rage, and your inability to control your anger only made these experiences worse. Before you can truly enjoy the benefits of 2018, you must learn to control this rage, leaving it with the situations that caused it in the past. Rest assured, 2018 is going to be one of peace, happiness, and passion. Stop dwelling on past hurts and look forward, releasing yourself from negativity and embracing all that this new year has to offer.



The journey of self-realization that you were forced to take in 2017 was incredibly difficult for you Gemini. You were put into a position of having to make some big life changes, which you found to be incredibly intimidating. Your indecisive nature had you second guessing everything about your life, where you were going and what you hoped to accomplish. Stop stressing about the choices you made and how they are going to pan out, that is officially out of your control. To find out what the future has in store you must step back and allow time to take its course. Give 2018 a chance and you will be reassured of your choices as you experience the start of many benefits to come.



When you make friends Cancer, you invest fully and without limitation. This fact made 2017 incredible difficult as some of your ‘endings’ pertained to your relationship. Your eyes were opened to some toxic people in your life, forcing you to say goodbye. This left you emotional and beat down. Wipe your tears and hold your head high as you are about to step into happier times. Look forward to a year of personal growth and understanding in 2018, strengthening your self-confidence and self-esteem.



You found 2017 particularly challenging, trying to find the balance between your own self-criticism and the reality of closing the door on some of your previous paths and journeys in life. Rather than viewing 2017 as an opportunity for new beginnings, you were hung up on your personal feelings of failure triggered by these endings, taking each personally. Good news – 2018 is a new year, and it is going to bring a complete change in energy for you. Try to put your struggles from 2017 behind you and step through the door to this new, exciting time. If you can release the negativity from the past success and achievement are waiting for you.



Good news, 2018 has a big secret in store for you! You are going to experience something incredible in some area of your life – possibly your career, your love life, your friendship or your finances. Whatever it turns out to be, you are going to feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness when that time comes. Until such time that this secret is revealed, allow yourself to simply enjoy the journey that is life, taking in all that 2018 has to offer.



As you move into 2018 you are going to be forced to do something that is completely out of your comfort zone. Toning down your adventurous and spontaneous nature, you are going to be put into a position in which you need to settle down this year. Have faith, if you stick it out for the first few weeks you will begin to get used to it, and in time you will see why this was the right decision. Great things are coming your way!

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