It’s hard to believe it, but 2018 is officially here! Another year is behind us and here we are, preparing for the year to come.  For many, 2017 was a confusing and difficult year. Known as the ‘Year of New Beginnings and Endings,’ it brought a great deal of change – some of which we were prepared for and much of which we were not. Kali, the Goddess of Enlightenment ruled the year, pushing us out of our comfort zones and raising awareness of areas in our lives that needed to be addressed.

As we move into 2018 we will continue to build upon these opportunities for growth and change. Known as the ‘Year of Illumination,’ 2018 is going to open our eyes to weaknesses and areas for growth that may have previously been hidden. There are two key shift that will impact the energy and atmosphere throughout 2018 according to astrologists – the movement of both Saturn and Uranus into Erath signs.

December 19-20, 2017 Saturn moved into Capricorn. While this may have occurred prior to the new year, it will remain in this position until March 23, 2020. Saturn has the reputation of being the ‘strict teacher’ in astrology, known for its association with responsibility and remaining grounded. It brings with it a number of difficult and challenging life lessons, however, if you are willing to stick them out and embrace the opportunity to learn you will reap the rewards.


The influence of Saturn is going to cause us to reassess our priorities and responsibilities in life. Rather than being caught up in the ‘bigger pictures,’ or daydreaming about what could have been, we will find ourselves focused on the day to day reality of our decisions. For many, this is going to bring strong self-criticism as your eyes are opened to the many areas where you feel you may be lacking. Weaknesses will be highlighted and brought to the forefront.

There are two ways that one can approach this time – You can choose to allow your self-criticism to tear you down or you can choose to step up and take this as an opportunity for self-growth. By being made aware of your weaknesses you are, ultimately, being presented with an incredible opportunity to become your best self. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up and distracted by the existence of your flaws, we all have them. Choose to remain ‘solution-focused,’ keeping your mind open to the ways you can overcome these weaknesses, making yourself a stronger person.

The next influence will come in May when Uranus moves into Taurus, where it will remain off and on until April 26th, 2026. Uranus is associated with matters of money, finances, banking and material possessions. Any areas for improvement in these areas will suddenly be brought front and center, drawing them immediately to your attention. Are you a frivolous spender? Do you spend too much in any one area of your life, such as your daily coffee habit? Do you fail to maintain a proper budget? You will find yourself more focused on the inner workings of your finances than ever before.


Much like the opportunity for growth presented by Saturn, embrace the improvements in your life that can come by way of Uranus. This is the time to sit down and reassess all of your spending habits, creating a new and revised budget. The perspective that you have during this time will empower you to pay off debt faster and work towards building a bigger level of personal savings than you may have believed to be possible before.

If you are currently considering any major purchases, stop to think through all of the options available. Maybe you were considering purchasing a new vehicle or buying a house? While these are great goals to work towards, it may not be the right time. Weigh these options against the availability of renting/leasing, or considering whether you need the best and brightest available. For example, you may discover that it is far more financially responsible at this time to purchase an older vehicle without a car payment. These decisions will weigh heavily on your mind until such time that you reach a resolution.

The realities that will be presented to you throughout the Year of Illumination may not be easy to hear. Try to remember that this is a short-term discomfort for a long-term gain, as you will come out stronger and more prepared for the world around you so long as you stick it out and remain open to the changes ahead.

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