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Empaths are some of the most amazing people this world has to offer and while they don’t always get the appreciation they deserve, they do their best for the people in their lives. If you’re wondering whether you’re an empath perhaps considering the signs would be important.

If you are an empath you are able to absorb the energies/emotions of others whether you want to or not. You take these things on as if they were your own and it leaves you feeling quite overwhelmed sometimes. There are moments when you are unsure of what you’re feeling and where it’s coming from and well, you face a lot more challenges than the average person. 

As an empath, the people around you affect your mood and energy as a whole. If you find yourself surrounded by toxic people chances are you’ll feel quite down in the dumps and upset most of the time. You can read the intentions of others and are able to pick up on cues that most people tend to leave unnoticed.

If you’re an empath the signs will be quite clear upon reading them. For more signs take a peek at the list below. If these things apply to you, you very well might be an empath.

9 Signs You Might Be An Empath:

1. You do not like going out or being in huge crowds, it overwhelms you.

As an empath, you’re not going to usually like being in big crowds of people because the energies of everyone are not going to mesh properly. In these kinds of situations, you’re forced to absorb more than you should and it takes a serious toll on you. Oftentimes when things like this come up you end up being quite overwhelmed.

2. You seem to connect well with animals.

As an empath, chances are you’re going to connect more with animals than you will with people. You can sense their purity and it resonates within you for a number of reasons. Most of the time empaths are true animal lovers and find their pets to be their very best friends.

3. You’d rather keep your close circle on the smaller side of things.

As an empath, you are likely someone who wants to keep just a few close friends. You don’t like to be surrounded by new people and constantly taking in new energies. Sure, sometimes making new friends is fun but for you, it’s something you have to be cautious about.

4. You feel quite misunderstood in the world around you.

As an empath, you feel like no one understands you. This is because the people around you don’t see the world in the same way you do. They are unable to pick up in the things you’re able to pick up on and it shows.

5. People often refer to you as ‘too sensitive.’

As an empath, lots of people are going to call you ‘too sensitive.’ This is something you’ve heard for so many years and not something you’ll ever be able to fully escape. This is because as noted above you are in many ways misunderstood but not because the people around you mean to misunderstand you, they just don’t perceive the world in the way you do.

6. You tend to attract toxic people or people who need your help within your life.

As an empath, you are usually finding yourself surrounded by people who should not be in your life. You seem to attract people who need your help and that in itself can be quite draining. Instead of building positive connections you have to sometimes question whether or not someone is capable of accepting the help you’d be willing to offer.

7. You need time on your own to recharge and love doing-so in nature.

As an empath, you need time to recharge. If you don’t take time for yourself you will become quite burned out and end up flying off the handle in ways you might not be able to fathom. A lot of the time your preferred place of recharging is out in nature. You love being alone in the sunshine.

8. You’re constantly working to help others and let yourself fall behind far more than you should.

As an empath, you are always helping the people around you but often forget to help yourself as well. You might struggle with boundaries and in that sense hold your own self back without realizing it. You don’t give yourself as much care as you give to others and it makes a big difference in how you feel overall.

9. You’re completely unable to ignore the feelings of others.

As an empath, you’re not able to close yourself off from the things other people are feeling. You feel these things as if they were your own whether you want to or not. You cannot escape the gift you were given.