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Being an empath isn’t as easy as most people think it is. Sure, it has a lot of perks in some ways but in others, it can be a curse.

When it comes to being an empath you’re going to face ups and downs as you would with anything in life but that doesn’t mean being an empath is entirely bad. Being an empath is an amazing thing and truly is a gift like no other, but it is hard. When you’re an empath you take on the feelings of others and if you’re around nothing but negative or toxic people, those feelings can become quite overwhelming quickly. 

As an empath, you must protect your personal energy and that’s no easy feat. You have to be able to pick and choose who is allowed in your circle and some people will come with masks that make them appear as if they are going to help you grow when in fact they are going to do nothing but the opposite. If you surround yourself with the wrong people you run the risk of allowing all of your personal energy to be drained and lots of boundaries to be crossed. 

Below I am going to go over some of the things empaths do differently because they are working to protect themselves. These things help them to be where they need to be in life and allow them to disconnect as they see fit. If you do these things perhaps you too are an empath without realizing it.

6 Things Empaths Do Differently:

1. They are quite selfless but know their limits.

Empaths know that they must always have limits and embrace those limits. Instead of fighting against their limits the empath works within them. Empaths are quite selfless and will do whatever they can for others but only within their means.

2. They work hard to manage their environment properly.

Empaths are very hard works and they’re doing a lot even when you cannot see it. They are working to manage their environment and ground themselves through the energies they’re facing. This is something they must do in order to remain free from overwhelming emotions.

3. They understand the lives of others and take that into consideration always.

Empaths are always doing their best to understand the people around them and do not cut ties with just anyone. They consider the person, the situation, and how things may play out before cutting ties or making any moves. They are quick to think things through.

4. They work to inspire others above all else.

Empaths are some of the most inspiring people you will ever meet. They bring great power to all who come across them. While it might not seem like much, the empaths sparks within many a means for healing and growth.

5. They are very present in the given moment.

Empaths are not the kinds of people to get caught up in the past or obsess over the future. They want to be present in the moment and do not worry about much else. This is because the energies around them are constantly radiating down on them, they must remain present in order to filter through things properly.

6. They act on their intuitive sparks.

Empaths are often the kind to never ignore their intuitive sides. When they have a gut feeling that gut feeling is acted on. They do not take this kind of thing lightly.