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Empaths, in general, are very powerful people but when they are not educated properly on their gifts, they don’t understand how to protect themselves from toxic people in this world. There are narcissistic people and so many others who wish to do us harm on this planet, and we must work to ensure we are not being taken advantage of.

You see, empaths are for many reasons when unaware of their truest powers often easy targets for narcissistic people and other toxic individuals because of their giving nature and willingness to help others. They end up giving far more to these kinds of people than they should and as a result only hurt themselves in the end. In order to prevent this, empaths need to know what kinds of things their gifts bring forth and understand the importance of boundaries. 

An educated empath is a narcissist’s worst nightmare and with good reason. When the empath knows his or her boundaries properly and refuses to let the narcissistic people in their lives to control or use them, they can through that stand up for themselves and the victims of these people in general. Not only does being aware of their powers help them, but it also helps others as well.

As an empath, you should know that feeling guilty about fighting back when you’re being attacked be it emotionally, physically, or even energetically is not something you should endure. You should never feel bad for doing the things that are best for you and that’s a hard lesson to learn but one that will help you grow and adapt to a new place in your own life.

The more you work with your gifts the easier it will be to spot these toxic people and their lies. You will be able to feel their energies before even speaking to them and know when to limit contact and with who you should be limiting that contact with. Instead of allowing others to push their hidden agendas on you, you are through your powers able to hold your own big time.

The more you come to understand yourself the more you will also come to understand the toxicity that comes with a narcissist and his/her dangerous traits. You become more capable of holding your own and finding peace within despite the things you’re facing in this world.

Sure, all of this might sound a bit crazy but it’s a lot easier to comprehend from the empath’s stance. Being an empath isn’t easy. It can be a great and powerful gift or it can be a curse if you do not learn how to use the things you’ve been given to your advantage and to the advantage of others. You as an empath are able to choose whether you want to hold back and allow your gift to turn you into a victim or if you want to move forth full force and turn your gift into something truly amazing and beneficial to the people who matter the most in your life. 

For more on this whole concept please check out the video below. You are a force to be reckoned with. Please never forget that.