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Just because someone hurts you doesn’t mean that you have to hurt them back. When someone treats you badly, the best thing you can do to get even is to walk away and show them that you’re the bigger person.

Stop obsessing over getting revenge and start living your life for yourself. The more you allow revenge to consume you the worse you’re going to feel in the long-run. Chances are by the time you actually have the chance to get revenge, you’ll forget what you were mad about, to begin with.

Quit being so caught up in the drama of others, if someone tries to hurt you or bring you down, cut ties and leave them in the past. They won’t be able to hurt you again if they’re not a part of your life anymore, and they won’t hold any power over you if you refuse to allow them to do so. Revenge might be something you have an urge for but chances are it won’t make you feel that much better anyway.

You’re still going to be upset over what happened in your life and you’re still going to have to get through it on your own whether you get revenge or not. The more you obsess over it the less you’re able to move on. Wanting revenge, in general, keeps us grounded in the past and makes things harder on us.

In most cases, revenge only makes you feel worse. This because if you’re a good person even hurting those who hurt you won’t be as much of a gift as you think it will. You aren’t going to feel better after seeing the people in your life suffering even if they’ve hurt you so drastically. Instead of dwelling on the things others do to you, make the changes you need to make in order to get where you want to be in life.

Grow through the things you face and find your own sense of peace. Life is too short to spend any of your time trying to get the upperhand on people you could just cut ties from. Hurting other people won’t make you hurt less, keep that in mind when it comes to this kind of thing.

When someone breaks your trust don’t give them the power of knowing that what they did keeps you up at night. Find a way to make yourself feel better and leave that person wondering whatever happened to you. Let them think of you while you think of your future and the life you’re headed towards.

The best revenge is cutting off someone who is waiting for retaliation. Leave them wondering if you’re ever going to show back up and know in your heart that you never will. Do what’s best for you and keep trecking forth through the things this world throws your way. You are so much stronger than you realize.