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The Female narcissist is quite present in this world and while she doesn’t get talked about often, she is still doing her dirty work as she sees fit. While you might hear a lot about narcissistic men, the narcissistic women are the ones you really need to be looking out for the most. 

The Female Narcissist And Her Toxic Femininity – Knowing What To Look For

The female narcissist as a whole is much less aggressive than the male narcissist, and she buys her time well. Instead of jumping to get revenge she waits and holds her grudges until the perfect moment to act presents itself before her. She is in many ways much more covert than the average narcissist and as a result harder to spot.

Chances are if you’ve ever been stung by a female narcissist you realized far too late what and who you were truly face to face with. This is a reality many people need to work to protect themselves from. Female narcissists can be dangerous to their lovers, friends, family members, and even their co-workers. You might think they are messing up by accident or that their intentions are still pure but the more you begin to spot their tricks and lies the more apparent that load of bull becomes.

You might think that the male counterpart is more dangerous, but I am here to assure you that they are both equally dangerous in their own ways. Toxic masculinity exists just as toxic Femininity and that you should keep in mind moving forth. The female narcissist will use her feminine side to sway others and really take advantage of anyone she possibly can. 

Below you will find a list of some signs that will help you to spot a female narcissist in your life. While not all of these signs will be easy to spot they will all be quite apparent the more time you spend with her in your life. These are things you should not tolerate and perhaps all the more reason for you to cut ties properly.

15 Signs You’re Too Close To A Female Narcissist:

1. She sabotages your friendships.

She makes sure that you’re cut off from the people who mean the most to you. She will ensure that you fall for her so hard that you don’t want to spend time with anyone else. She makes herself the most important person in your life.

2. She must always be the center of attention.

She is the kind of person who must have all the attention. She is quick to jealousy and will not tolerate you spending time with others. She wants you to be in seemingly constant contact with her.

3. She is always crossing other people’s boundaries.

She is not the kind of person who will ever respect your boundaries. She doesn’t think they apply to her. She might apologize for making you uncomfortable but she won’t stop doing it.

4. She treats people as if they belong to her.

She is always treating the people around her as if they were extensions of her very being. She sees them more as belongings than people and that is quite clear through her actions. She cares not for their feelings.

5. She gives lots of backhanded compliments.

She is the kind of person to give a compliment that means nothing all the while smiling. For instance, she might say that she loves your new hair color because the old one looked horrible or something along those lines. This just enough to make you uncomfortable but not enough to warrant conflict as a whole.

6. She feels like everything has to be perfect.

With her everything has to be perfect. She spends a lot of time getting ready and making sure she looks how she wants to look. Nothing can be out of place and it all needs to be as she sees it in her mind.

7. She is never wrong.

She is not the kind of person to own up to her mistakes. She will never admit that she has done something wrong. Everything she does has a reason even if you cannot see that. Even with proof present, she is never wrong.

8. She comes across as very entitled.

She is the kind of person who feels as though she is entitled to any and everything. You cannot tell her no. The more you fight her the more she will push and in the end, she will get what she wants.

9. She is a materialistic person.

She has to have nice things and be comfortable. She is the kind of person who will go out of her way to ensure she has things that other people do not. As a narcissist bragging is something she truly enjoys.

10. She likes to pick people apart and cut them off from one another.

She is the kind of person that likes to insert herself between two people and turn them against one another. Through doing this she cuts them off from one another and creates chaos. She’s great at creating chaos.

11. She is quick to take what she wants and is very my way or the highway.

She is the kind of person you cannot compromise with. It’s either she gets what she wants or no one gets anything. She won’t tolerate being ignored and if you’re not willing to do what she says she isn’t going to waste her time with you.

12. She comes across as very two-faced once you get to know her.

She is someone that once you get to know her you see her true colors. She talks about others behind their backs and has a cold heart. She is not the person she pretends to be to the world.

13. She pretends to care to get information from other people.

She pretends to care about other people so that she can be in the know. She wants all the information as it comes forth and to be in the loop properly. This allows her more control over the people in her circle.

14. She uses her ‘appeal’ to manipulate others.

Through using her appearance to her advantage she is able to get others to do things she wants or needs them to do. The more she uses her looks to her advantage the more she accomplishes. While some people will refuse her, most will not.

15. She is always playing the victim.

She is constantly playing the victim and making other people out to be the bad guys. It’s as if she does no harm to anyone even when she is picking everyone apart. She doesn’t see things the way everyone else does.