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What many people assume is being ‘lonely‘ can be nothing like lonely. Just because someone is ‘alone’ doesn’t mean that they’re sad or falling apart.

Being alone doesn’t have to go hand in hand with being miserable. Some people choose to be alone or truly enjoy their time on their own. I for one am quite content spending most of my time isolated.

The more time you spend alone the more comfortable you become in your own company. You begin to befriend yourself instead of hiding from who you truly are as a whole. Sure, that might sound a bit odd but it’s very true and worth noting. 

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate you’re more of a loner than you think. If you’re alone but facing these signs you’re not lonely at all and you shouldn’t let people try to tell you that you are. Loneliness isn’t always being alone, sometimes the loneliest people are those surrounded by friends.

7 Signs You’re Alone But Not Lonely:

1. You don’t feel on edge or bored when you’re just doing your own thing.

When you’re just doing your own thing you feel content. Being alone doesn’t make you overly bored or on edge. You’re capable of just relaxing and chilling on your own, not everyone is.

2. You are normally someone who needs time to recharge away from people as is.

You’re not the kind of person who feeds off the energy of the party. You feel quite drained after spending time with lots of people. You need time alone even if just a few moments so that you can get back to normal.

3. You still have people you can go to if you need them.

Just because you’re a loner doesn’t mean you’re without friends completely. You still have a support system and you still lean on them when you need to. Just because you’re a bit introverted doesn’t mean you’re completely closed off from the rest of the world.

4. You don’t feel guilty for doing things you want to do.

Instead of feeling guilty for going out every night or not going out at all, you are able to basically do whatever you want. You as someone who is ‘alone’ get the best of both worlds. You can find people to hang with if you need to but you also are able to go spend time doing things on your own.

5. You actually like your own company.

When you’re someone who likes your own company being alone is no big deal. You enjoy spending time with yourself and have fun all the while. You do things you like to do and don’t have to answer to anyone else.

6. You are very focused on improving yourself.

Because you’re alone you are able to spend all of your time making improvements to your life. You are constantly making changes and doing better for yourself. Everything is a step towards a specific goal in this world.

7. You like being independent.

As someone who spends time alone, you like holding your own. You are a very accomplished person and do a lot with your life. Sure, sometimes you might need a hand here and there but overall you’ve done so much all by yourself.