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We are all human and that means we are all at risk of loneliness whether we’re on our own or surrounded by people. While a lot of people don’t realize this, loneliness can be a very serious issue in our lives.

When you’re feeling unbearably lonely, you need to do things to try and pick yourself back up. While not all of these will work the ones that do work for you might really benefit you in ways you otherwise would not imagine. Feeling better isn’t easy but it is possible and regardless of what you’re facing that should be kept in mind.

12 Tips For Feeling ‘Better’ When You’re Lonely:

1. Don’t further isolate yourself.

The more you close yourself off from the people in your life the more alone you’re going to feel. Sometimes going out isn’t the right option, but in many cases putting yourself out there and following through with the things you’ve said you would while feeling this way can help pick you back up. Know your own limits but don’t hold yourself back.

2. Find a creative outlet.

When we’re lonely we all need to be able to find means of creation. You being creative and letting your passionate side free will help you to feel better. A lot of people who struggle with loneliness are able to create some of the most wonderful things and also work to overcome their emotions in those moments.

3. Help someone who is in need.

If you’re feeling lonely try reaching out and helping someone in need. There are tons of people in this world who would be stoked to have your hand helping them. Seeing people down on their luck and being able to make a change in their lives will make you feel a lot better, trust me.

4. Try to pique the interest of your curious side in whatever ways you find possible.

If you decide that something has you curious and might be able to pick you back up don’t close yourself off from it. Be willing to question things and chase positive feelings. You’ll never get out of that rut if you’re just stuck sitting in the middle of it.

5. Spend time with pets or animals in general.

If you’re feeling lonely don’t forget that the connections you have with animals can be just as fulfilling as the ones you share with people. If the humans in your life are making you feel alone spend time with your pets. They will make you feel loved and cared for on a level that might be exactly what you need.

6. Remind yourself that this feeling will not last forever.

This feeling you’re experiencing will not last forever. While you’re lonely now, it will pass. You will feel better and you need to keep that in mind above all else.

7. Be aware of self-deflating thoughts.

When you notice a self-deflating thought popping into your mind work to combat it. Think of something positive each time and let go of the negative. While this won’t be easy, it will be necessary for moving forth on a positive note and preventing these thoughts from controlling how you move forward.

8. Read a good book or go on a proper walk.

Take the time to clear your head. If you’re feeling lonely read a book or go for a walk. Get out in nature and really embrace the peace that being alone can come with.

9. Focus on the people around you within reason.

Be more focused on the people in your life if it helps you to take your mind off what you’re going through. While you should not become consumed by the needs and wants of others, they can help you to process things in a better manner or allow you time to really get to know yourself again. The more you’re doing for others the less disconnected you may end up feeling.

10. Stop blaming yourself, you are not your feelings.

Don’t blame yourself for how you’re feeling. These are emotions and you cannot control them. They do not define you and you can overcome them in time.

11. Reach out to friends and family if possible.

If you’re really suffering reaching out is the best thing you can do. Tell someone what you’re going through and try to really get the help you need. There is nothing wrong with sharing your struggles with those who care.

12. Seek support from people who are feeling the same way you are.

If you still feel misunderstood by the people in your life reach out to support groups and people feeling lonely themselves. If they’re going through what you’re going through they’re going to be able to help you in more ways than you might realize right now. Don’t close yourself off without giving yourself a chance.