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You should always be aware of how the people in your life treat you. While they might come across as caring sometimes if they’re constantly disrespecting you, they should not be allowed in your life.

Far too often we allow people to get too close to us who are only going to disrespect us time after time. These people don’t care about our wellbeing or how we feel as a whole and the sooner you realize that the better. When someone proves to you that they don’t care if you’re alright or not, you should be quick to ensure they never get comfortable by your side.

Those people do not deserve your time or your energy. They should be distanced and left behind while you move forward towards becoming your best version. Sure, they will try to make you feel bad for cutting ties but at the end of the day you have to do what’s best for you and if they wanted to be in your life they would have treated you better, to begin with.

As a human being in this world, you should always demand respect. If you don’t demand it the people closest to you will in many cases work to take advantage of you. You deserve to receive back the efforts you put forth and nothing less. Don’t be a stepping stone for someone who would never bother to let you in their homes even if it was pouring down rain.

You are an amazing being who deserves the world and you need to keep that in mind moving forth. If you do nice things for others and all you receive in return is sh!t, stop wasting your efforts on people who refuse to respect you. We receive what we allow others to give to us. If you refuse to allow these people in your life and refuse to accept their shortcomings in this sense, you will be better off end the end.

Sure, some people will go through rough patches and lash out but you’ll be able to tell that apart from when someone is disrespecting you deliberately. Be aware of your worth and everything you need or want in life will follow suit. You’re capable of so much more than you realize.

Times are changing and we are no longer willing to put up with the things we would have once put up with. We as humanity are beginning to focus more on self-care and are much more willing to cut ties with those who choose to harm us, in general. Above all else, you need to keep your own wellbeing in mind.

Life is short and you don’t need to let people who are only worried about themselves hold power in your life. Disrespect should never be tolerated and you need to be willing to hold your own and stand your ground. Be true to who you are and don’t let people walk all over you, things will get better if you continue to put yourself first.