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While loving yourself isn’t easy, it is something that you need to work towards. The more you love yourself the happier you will be.

We all need to be taking the time to love ourselves properly. Self-care is extremely important and something that we should never compromise on. While tons of people think that happiness comes from finding someone to love or being surrounded by nice things, that is not true happiness. True happiness comes from within and the more willing we are to accept and address that the easier it will become for us to find ourselves.

If you want to love yourself you need to be capable of having fun by yourself, work to forgive yourself for the things you’ve done, and be willing to give yourself a break when it’s needed. Below I am going to go over some changes that you might see in your life the more you work to really appreciate yourself and find your own sense of self-worth. As hard as it sounds, loving yourself is something well worth doing.

11 Ways Loving Yourself Improves Your Life:

1. You become more capable of making conscious decisions.

While you’re already making your own decisions when you really love yourself you’re more conscious about the decisions you’re making. You know what you want and where things are headed. The choices you make from this kind of stance are the choices you truly trust and believe in.

2. You finally find time to relax.

When you love yourself you’re able to really give yourself the space you need. When you need to relax and calm down, you take that time for yourself. Sure, it might not seem like much but to those who do not love themselves taking that moment to relax is seemingly impossible.

3. You stop seeking approval.

Once you finally love yourself you are able to stop looking to everyone else for approval. Through loving yourself you learn that your own approval is all that matters. The opinions of other people do not matter and will never be able to define you.

4. You treat yourself better when you love yourself.

When you love yourself you are able to treat yourself better. You put your own wants and dreams as a whole up higher than you would otherwise. Rather than wasting away and doing the most for other people, you realize just how crucial it is for you to achieve your own goals.

5. You realize what matters the most.

The more you care for yourself the more you will be able to realize just how much certain things matter to you. Some things just aren’t as important to you and while in the past you might have done the most to keep them going, now you’re only willing to put your energies into things that actually matter. You don’t want to waste your time and energy on things that are no longer important in your mind or in your life.

6. You start taking care of your body.

When you really care for yourself you begin to put your health first. You start putting an effort into self-care and really doing what you need to do to feel good in your everyday life. While you might not be going to the doctor all the time, you’re working out a little more and giving yourself the space you need when it is needed.

7. You finally feel in charge of your life.

Once you finally realize how important self-love is you become more in charge of your life. You start seeing things as they are and you realize that the choices before you are yours to make. No one can live your life for you and coming to terms with that is harder than most of us realize.

8. You finally find your voice and start to speak out.

While it might sound a bit cliché you finally begin to speak out and stand up for yourself when you find a real sense of self-love. You don’t let other people walk all over you and you’re more capable of holding your own. Things just kind of come out when they need to and you don’t have to think too much of it.

9. You pay attention to your needs.

Once you begin to truly love yourself you also begin to make sure your needs are taken care of. Instead of focusing on the needs of others you keep your own well-being in mind. If you’re not taking care of yourself you can’t take care of anyone else and you’ve finally realized that.

10. You start to enjoy your own company.

When we love ourselves we learn that our company in itself isn’t as bad as we had initially thought. We start to have fun on our own and enjoy the time we spend alone. Instead of being bored and sulky when no one is around, you’re growing and changing drastically.

11. You realize how important boundaries are.

After you begin to love yourself you come to terms with how important boundaries are. Boundaries should not be compromised on and should always be in place. You are the person in charge of your life and other people should not be overstepping their places or trampling on your limits, period.