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In this world, we all make promises and some of those promises we keep while others, we don’t. When you think of promises most of the time another person is involved, but they don’t all have to be that way. 

We should all as progressive people working towards something more and trying to make the most of the time we have here on this planet make and keep promises to ourselves. You shouldn’t be selling yourself short or setting goals that you never follow through with. The more you focus on yourself when it comes to really diving into self-care the more abundant and happy your life will be. 

Below I am going to go over some promises we should be making with ourselves and why we should keep these promises above all else. If you do these things and really follow through properly, you will be much happier and more capable in ways you perhaps never thought you would be.

7 Promises You Should Make And Keep With Yourself:

1. Promise yourself that you will no longer say ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no.’

‘No’ in itself is a powerful word and something that we should be saying. If you’re taking on too much and you’re already a bit overwhelmed don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ when someone asks you for something or to do something. You don’t owe other people anything and allowing them to take advantage of you is only bringing you down. If they deserve to be in your life, they will understand when you use this word.

2. Promise yourself to let go of the past so you can focus on the present.

The present moment is far more important than the past. You cannot change the past and right now in this moment is all that you can consider as being concrete. Tomorrow is not promised, make the most of the days as they are before you.

3. Promise yourself to live the life you want to live.

Life is far too short to spend any time doing things you don’t want to do. If you’re living life for others you’re not really living. Don’t let the people around you make your decisions. If you’re unhappy, make the changes you need to make, period.

4. Promise yourself that you will always be open to change.

Change is not something we can avoid and the more you embrace it the happier you will be overall. You can’t keep it from happening and rolling with the punches is a much better option than remaining stuck in a rut for years on end. Change is not always a bad thing.

5. Promise yourself that you will take breaks when you need them.

We are only human and if you’re overwhelmed or feeling as if you cannot move forth take a break. If you don’t take care of yourself in this manner you’re only going to make yourself miserable. You can’t take care of anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself. 

6. Promise yourself that you will not let your comfort zone define you.

Our comfort zones hold us back much further than we tend to realize. If you want to really find yourself and grow properly in this world you need to be willing to break free of the box you have put yourself in. Your comfort zone is not something you should remain in all the time. Sometimes stepping outside of it is important for really finding abundance in this life.

7. Promise yourself that you will not allow others to treat you badly.

While this one might sound a bit cliché, it’s something far too many people don’t follow through with. The people who treat you badly aren’t worth your time or energy. If they aren’t going to be there for you when you’re in need they don’t deserve to be in your life. Only feed into the connections that matter.