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Narcissists are quite present in this world and while they’re not all easy to spot once you get close enough to them their masks come off and you really begin to see them for who they are. Narcissists are extremely manipulative and the more you allow them a place in your life the further behind you will find yourself in the end. 

Now, for those who do not know narcissists are people with something most refer to as NPD or narcissistic personality disorder. These people believe they are more important than everyone else, need more attention than most, and seemingly lack empathy. They only care about themselves and will do whatever they need to do in order to get control of the people in their lives. They are toxic and can be quite damaging to the people around them. 

Below I am going to go over some of the ways these kinds of people make sure that they are able to gain the upperhand in most situations. While not all of these things will work on everyone, these kinds of people are really good at putting them to use. If someone is doing these things in your life, you should work to identify just how toxic they are to you and how to move on from their presence.

6 Things Narcissists Do To Get The Upper Hand:

1. They love bomb to the max.

When narcissists want control over you they will love bomb you in many ways. This meaning they will show you all the things you could ever dream of and tell you that those things could be yours. They reel you in with empty promises and shower you with gifts only to hold those things over your head later.

2. They withhold information and give no time for proper decisions to be made.

Narcissists love to withhold information. The more they can keep from you the more control they will gain and they know this. They want you to make decisions right then and there without giving you time to think things through because they don’t want you to change your mind.

3. They project their feelings onto the people around them.

Narcissists are really good at projecting the things they’re feeling onto the people around them. If they’re doing something wrong they will accuse the people closest to them of exactly that. This helps them to keep their own tracks seemingly covered as odd as that may sound.

4. They pick other people apart.

Narcissists are usually some of the most vicious people. They pick others apart and make sure that they’re broken down so that they can be used more easily. They want you to think that them being in your life is like a favor they’re doing, rather than your existence benefitting them as a whole.

5. They dive into the blame game and become a victim themselves.

Narcissists love to play the blame game. They will always turn themselves into victims and blame everything they possibly can onto other people. You might not have had any control over a situation but the blame for the outcome still weighed down on your shoulders because of how this person’s mind works.

6. They gaslight big time.

Narcissists are always going out of their way to gaslight the people in their lives. This happens in many different ways and basically relates back to undermining your sense of reality. If you’re constantly questioning yourself maybe you should be considering whether you’re questioning the right person or not.