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Sometimes we cut ourselves down more-so than we realize. If you’re allowing toxic thoughts to flourish, you need to change the way you’re thinking so that you can find true happiness.

Quit basing everything on luck or your lack of it, stop thinking you’re too much or not enough and really take the time to close off those toxic thoughts before they are given any real sense of power in your life. We all go through this world in our own ways and what works for you might not work for me, the same is true for what works for me and how it might not work for you, accept that. Figure out what thoughts are causing you the most damage and work to change them into something positive.

Instead of obsessing over all the things you don’t have and thinking about the things you want time and time again, consider all that you already have and what you’ve accomplished in this world. You have what you need within reason and you’re well on your way to where you want to be. You might still struggle from time to time but you’re a lot further now that you were in the past and that amounts up to something huge.

Your life might not be as magical or mind-blowing as the life of someone else but you also need to consider that their life might not be as amazing as you think it is. They are going through things you cannot see and chances are they are also jealous of you in the same ways you’re jealous of them. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and while you’ve probably heard that phrase before you should work to let it sink in properly.

You are good enough and in the end you will get to where you want to be if you believe in yourself. We are all meant to go through ups and downs in this world and you will fail time and time again before you truly flourish properly. That in itself is just part of life. The more we fail the easier the lesson becomes to see and from there we can learn through our mistakes and figure out what it is we really need to be doing to get ahead properly.

In the end, your thoughts of yourself and the way you view the world around you matter more than those of other people. If someone thinks you’re ugly or tries to tear you down, stop giving them power over you. You are the only person who can define yourself and just because someone else thinks or says something does not make it true.

Cutting these negative or toxic thoughts off before they find a place of power is important. Be true to yourself and hold your thoughts hostage if you need to, only feed into the positive and let go of the negative. If it’s not helping you grow, it should not be holding power in your life.