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While a lot of people in this life tend to get caught up in material things and the opinions of other people, those who want to be truly happy will never give into that kind of living. If true happiness is what you seek, you hold your own and spend all the time you need searching within for the things you’ve been creating.

Far too often people get caught up looking for happiness in the wrong places that they lose sight of what it is entirely. Happiness isn’t having everything you could ever dream of or being surrounded by expensive things. Happiness is being content within and knowing that everyone in your life loves and cares for you properly. It’s a warm hug from someone you love and it’s a moment of self-care when you’re feeling your worst.

Happiness isn’t just a box you can open up and expect to come overflowing. It is a seed you must plant inside of yourself and help grow. You have to feed it and water it and do all you can to ensure that it is on the right path. Without putting the right efforts forth, it will never be able to flourish and shower you in this life.

Happiness cannot be found in another person, money, or even flashing things. Happiness can only be found when diving inside your own being. You must allow yourself to collect the things you need to bring it forth and allow it to resonate from within. If you are nurturing your emotional and spiritual self all the while taking care of your physical needs, you will never be in short supply.

Stop talking down to yourself, spend time that you need doing the things you love and f#ck the opinions of anyone who doesn’t hold importance in your life. You are the one who creates your path in this world and if you want to be happy you need to take that happiness into your own hands. You cannot expect other people to just hand it to you, they’re working on their own happiness.

This isn’t as complicated as it might sound. It’s actually pretty straight forward. Give what you wish to receive in this world and always keep your own wellbeing in mind. Everything else will fall into place. Don’t expect a relationship to complete you and don’t expect living in that tiny box you’ve built to make you fill on top of the world. Life does not work that way.

We are energetic beings creating our way through this world, and we are in charge of how we feel above all else. If you want to be happy, make it happen. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back from who and where you want to be.

Happiness is not something many find within the status quo.