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While we might not realize it holding ourselves to higher expectations isn’t necessarily a good thing. Sure, dreaming big is important, but we need to make sure the dreams we have are at least realistic. 

We as human beings are far too hard on ourselves and that’s a problem. We treat others with a lot more kindness and compassion than we do ourselves and well, it only holds us back. If you really want to be truly happy and able to move forth properly, you need to stop holding yourself to such high expectations. Lowering them even just by a little bit can be more than enough to change your entire outlook on life itself.

Below I am going to go over some things that you need to be aware of in regards to higher standards and things of that sort. The more you let these things sink in the better you can work to understand yourself as a whole. Life is too short to spend your time miserable and just trying to achieve more.

5 Ways High Expectations Are Holding You Back And Breaking Down Your Happiness:

1. This sets us up for disappointment.

When we have high expectations we are often unable to follow through with the things they’re made up of properly. This leaves us disappointing our selves time and time again. The more we try to accomplish the further behind we find ourselves.

2. This can seriously strain our relationships.

The more you try to push yourself to do the more it’s going to strain you. This can also cause turmoil and issues in your relationships with others. They don’t want to see you struggling so badly without reason, the more you push them away in this sense the more distant they could become.

3. This makes us quite stressed.

Stress and high expectations go hand in hand. When you’re holding yourself to a certain place and refuse to budge on that you’re going to become overwhelmed quickly. You’re constantly trying your best to keep up and falling behind breaks you down on a serious level.

4. This often prevents us from having proper time to recharge or relax.

When you hold yourself to standards that are too high you’re going to be wasting a lot of time on things that don’t matter. Instead of focusing on your wellbeing and caring for yourself, you’re doing the opposite. This is not a good thing and will leave you feeling terrible once all is said and done.

5. This can make others feel ‘less than.’

When we hold ourselves to higher expectations we also tend to do this with the people around us whether we realize it or not. This makes them feel like they’re not good enough to be around us and as if they’re not doing enough. While they’re doing their best they feel like they’re always falling short in your eyes.