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If you’ve been trying to manifest but have not been having any luck there is most likely a reason for that. While cutting out expectations is not easy, it could be exactly what you need.

Expectations limit us in ways that most of us do not realize. When you are allowing yourself to become too attached to the idea of how you want things to go, they might not end up going in that direction at all. When we allow ourselves to become overly interested in an idea, we are creating fear. The fear that something might not happen is a lot more complex than most would assume.

While a lot of people think that being more specific with your expectations is a good thing, they are not seeing the bigger picture. Expectations do not attract things to us, they make it harder for the manifestation to progress at all. When we set our expectations too high we build room for doubt and through that, we end up losing focus in the long-run.

Without expectation, we are not blinding ourselves. We are seeing things for how they truly are and allowing the manifestations to occur as the universe intends for them to. We far too often allow ourselves to become discouraged when things occur in ways we did not quite expect.

We cannot always see what is coming our way and simply living our lives in the best ways that we can without expectation or care will get us much further than we realize. This will provide you with more freedom and allow you to really break through the walls you need to break through.

Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t let go of all expectation in general but you shouldn’t allow yourself to become attached to outcomes or obsessed with any one idea. Expect the unexpected through not expecting anything in that manner. Just know that the universe is going to work for you and allow it to do so.

When you think about things like this remember that while we might think the bad luck comes from the black cat, it simply comes our expecting it after having crossed the cat’s path. We are more in control than we realize. Manifesting is not as complicated as it seems. Free yourself and see where things go.

Image via Medium