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At the end of the day when all the beautiful faces are gone nothing will be left but the souls that were locked within them. If you have a nice body and a beautiful face that’s great and all but it won’t be enough to get you where you want to be, your soul must be taken into consideration.

You can be the most amazing looking person in the world but if your soul is dark and ugly, the vibes you put off will be more than enough to make people want to avoid you. When all is said and done people won’t remember how pretty you were, they will remember how you treated them and the kind of person you were above all else.

If all you do is break others down and leave them feeling like they’re being used then chances are the way you look won’t be something they think of as something positive. They will deem you as ugly whether your face reflects that or not because that will be what your soul and your heart reflect overall. We all should be doing our best to ensure our souls are not only positive but that we are helping people in this world in the ways they are also helping us.

We shouldn’t be giving our time or efforts to toxic people who want to do nothing but feed off of our energies. We should be working to promote real connections with people who care about us and helping each other grow more properly. Sure, lots of people in this world seem obsessed with looks but at the end of the day, those looks aren’t going to get them as far as they think they will.

If they are overly nasty to the people in their lives whether they’re beautiful or not they will end up alone eventually. The people around them will get fed up and stop wasting so much of their time feeding into a connection that refuses to give back in any sense of the word. If you’re a kind and caring person, you’re so much more beautiful than you realize.

You hold power within that most others could only dream of. Sure, you might not like the way you look but the people around you see you for who you truly are and they believe you are beautiful because inside and out you’re shining in a way that other people only wish to be capable of. You care for the people around you and you’re always doing your best to make those who love you the most – proud.

As a beautiful soul, you should take pride in knowing that the people in your life will remember you so much more prominently through the years for the things you’ve done and the lives you’ve touched. You’ve managed to help so many people grow and opened so many doors for others that your achievements span into areas you’re even unaware of as a whole.

Beauty is only skin deep if you really want to find a sense of perfection that must come from within your soul and through flaws and mistakes all the while being willing to share your experiences with the world. Life isn’t as easy or as simple as we might wish it was and only through lessons of the soul can we truly get where we need to be.

When you’re old and wrinkly, that light within your being is going to shine whether your physical beauty has faded or not, remember that.