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For some reason in this world, we tend to believe those who lack proof or are blatantly lying over those who are clearly fighting hard to deliver the truth. This I guess is because we want to believe the lies so badly that we give into them all the while knowing lies always come out in time.

I personally am exhausted from trying to make people see things properly. If you want to believe the lies being pushed before you, so be it. I know my truth and I know my efforts. I have done more than enough to try and show you the things you’ve been needing to see.

While things aren’t adding up you’re refusing the pull the wool off of your eyes and quite frankly I’m done wasting my time. I have better things to do and more to place my efforts forth in regards. Those people you keep protecting will show you their true colors someday and when that day comes I won’t be here anymore. I will have already moved on.

While it might be hard for me at first, I will trust my inner voice and stop wasting my time and efforts on you. You are your own person and believing the lies before you is your choice. I cannot make you believe me, even though I’d love the ability.

Sadly, I cannot force you to swallow the truth before you. I can show you where it is and preach it to you day in and day out but at the end of it all, you’re the only person who can choose to embrace it or throw it away. While I will resent you for a very long time for the refusal you’ve placed before me, in time I too will overcome the limits you’ve placed before me.

Someday the liars in your life will be pointed out by your own mind and you’ll begin to see the seams ripping apart. Not everything is as it appears to be. Those stories won’t add up and you’ll soon see that clearly.

This world isn’t one full of truth and that’s a big issue. You can’t force people to accept the truths you offer and being aware of that is important. You don’t have to keep trying time after time to explain yourself to the people around you. If you know your truth, that’s all that matters.